Shards of Infinity: Deckbuilding Game

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I wrote a whole review for Shards of Infinity and ultimately decided not to post it because the game is too mediocre for me to deal with a bunch of loincloth fans attacking me for a negative review. This game stinks.


It's the new Realms game. That's all you need to know.


Best: 2 Time: 30 Min Weight: 2.04




Excellent light deck building game. A hit with everyone I’ve taught the game to. Light enough for casuals to pick up and have fun and offers the deck building feel. Usual deck builder mechanics but you have life points and mastery points and you try to get the other people down to 0. We play with variants for 3+ people like only hitting the player to your left but we tried the official free for all and that worked well too.


The base game is a fine little deck-builder filler. It doesn't really do anything revolutionary so if you have either of the Realms games this doesn't really replace them. I found the cards that came available in each game made it very swingy and we were able to predict who was going to come out on top within the first 4-5 rounds. I would need more plays to be convinced otherwise.


I like this game, but you have to compare it to Star Realms and Star Realms this is not. Pros: mastery mechanic is brilliant, infinity shard guaranteeing a late game option, diverse card effects. Cons: card diversity makes game more tactical than SR (and that's saying something), not enough ways to gain levels, not enough deck culling cards.