In a distant future the Terran Emperor keeps the masses entertained like the Caesars of Ancient Rome did: Panem et Circenses – Bread and Games. Instead of gladiators facing each other, genetically engineered and biomechanically enhanced dinosaurs fight in the Great Battledomes of the Empire for ultimate domination.

Biomechanic Dino Battles: The Deckbuilding Game is an action-packed, combat-centered deck-building game for 2 to 4 players. Players try to knock out three opponent dinosaurs by building and optimizing their decks, fielding Biomechanic Dinosaurs, plotting Strategies, activating Items, and using Combat Cards. The game features an unique economy and resource system based on the three different types of Combat Cards: Attack, Evade and Defend.

While the game rules are simple and easy to pick up, the game offers tremendous strategic depth and complexity.

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Biomechanical Dino Battles

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