Blood Rage

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I've had more fun with this game than any I game of the last five years. We are having a blast exploring the strategies and I have a funny feeling this rating has no place to go but up.




A great area control game that keeps it replayability through the draft at the start of each age. The game is deep while also being simple enough that new players can pick it up quickly.


7.Initial rating after first play. Light, fun tactical scrum with players utilising card abilities to complete quests, introduce monsters, buff their troops or just mess with everyone. Played well in our 3 player game. Reviews suggested it plays ok with 2 and it does ! Yay - might be able to convince the wife to like area control games yet.... Ok - the more i play this, the more appreciative of the card draft design behind this area control game. After several games, there are quite a few rules that could do with a FAQ. 4 players seems to be the sweet spot. Now with werewolf.


As a result of one play, strategy based on Loki cards looks like the easiest one to execute. Other players need to be aware of this strategy and actively deny "Loki player" cards he needs, otherwise it's really easy to get lots of points from "Get glory when you return warriors from Valhalla" and "Have at least 4 warriors in Valhalla" cards


Valhalla!!! One of the best, most concise designs ever.


Man, the gameplay here is amazing. I'm rather disappointed by the completely juvenile theme.


This is one of those games that completely turn me off. I played it once and I was ok with it, but then I played again and I made a misplay in the first age, I was thrust into last place because of that with no way to do anything to recover. The rage mechanic also(plus the fact people can steal rage) completely kills the game for me. It's supposed to be a constraint but it feels more like I'm getting locked into choices because of what can happen in any given age. If you are new to this game it can be a miserable experience as anyone with experience has somewhat of a clue what to do and you might not notice how badly they are messing your plan up. In my first game I completely messed up a guys plan by not taking an action which cost him the game(he played optimally otherwise) but since I didn't fight he could not fight and his game was set back big time. It honestly feels worse than monopoly to me and that is my most hated game. When you play with 4-5 people the game gets rather long and it makes me want to just play shorter games with similar player numbers. I would much rather play games like Bunny Kingdom, Ethnos or 7 wonders which are similar


Wasn't impressed with the game.


Area control game with beautiful art and miniatures. Plays a bit like [i]Chaos in the old World[/i], but is quicker.


Dagfinn has this. Best when played with gamers.


A much better game than I originally thought. Very well balanced despite the previous blow-outs.


Blood Rage addresses essentially every complaint I have with combat heavy games (peaceful observer strategies, swingy dice combat resolution, player elimination, bash the leader, etc), and it does so without opening other holes for players to exploit. Each decision is multifaceted and gives players enough to chew on to stay engaged and focused, but without slowing the game. The constant cage match-style battling leads to some very memorable moments, and the game has an epic air from start to finish. The fluidity of the board-state, and various victory paths facilitate flexible play from round to round, which is quite unique considering the genre, but I still have concerns regarding long-term replayability.




(3/17) 9. Really cool, cramped area control game with a very cool, "diversifying" card draft at the beginning of each round and plenty of unavoidable, yet not overly punishing combat. I love how this game encourages interaction immediately. And those interactions are easily determined. No convoluted battle mechanics or anything. Plus, it's undeniable, the minis are just cool. (10/17) Drop to 8. Still think this game is absolutely fantastic, just don't feel myself being super eager to play it again. That said, I would never, ever refuse a game.


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