Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition

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Once again, Vlaada Chvatil has created a drum-tight interlocked set of systems that is rewarding and wonderful. Somehow it is simultaneously complex and elegant (much like Through the Ages). Though there are a lot of rules, I find the complaints about complexity to be somewhat overstated. Like most of Chvatil's more intricate designs, the rules sink into the background to become a smooth, integrated whole once you understand how everything is interrelated. The people who complain about the lack of theme must come from an Ameritrash background. If you're a Eurogamer, this game will feel immersive and thematic (though the theme does have the typical sexist fantasy tropes that I hate so much). There's a reason this is the standard by which all other solo games are measured. It's the richest, most engaging solo experience around, and even though it is playing against a "system," it doesn't feel like most other co-op/solo experiences. It is an engrossing 2-hour solo experience. I think I would want to pitch myself off a roof if I ever played this with more than two, though.