Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition

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Finally had a chance to acquire and play this legendary game. And I am so pleased to say that it absolutely lives up to the hype. What an amazing solo experience. The card based gameplay is incredible and leads to a multitude of interesting decisions. Once you internalize the rules everything locks into place and you flow through this interesting and amazing world. Unbelievable game.


While it might not be my favorite game in my collection, this has to be the best by far. What an incredible brain-burner of an adventure game. Zero to hero in 3-4 hours of incredible card-based gameplay. The feeling of accomplishment I have after playing this game is like nothing I've ever felt playing other board games.


Once again, Vlaada Chvatil has created a drum-tight interlocked set of systems that is rewarding and wonderful. Somehow it is simultaneously complex and elegant (much like Through the Ages). Though there are a lot of rules, I find the complaints about complexity to be somewhat overstated. Like most of Chvatil's more intricate designs, the rules sink into the background to become a smooth, integrated whole once you understand how everything is interrelated. The people who complain about the lack of theme must come from an Ameritrash background. If you're a Eurogamer, this game will feel immersive and thematic (though the theme does have the typical sexist fantasy tropes that I hate so much). There's a reason this is the standard by which all other solo games are measured. It's the richest, most engaging solo experience around, and even though it is playing against a "system," it doesn't feel like most other co-op/solo experiences. It is an engrossing 2-hour solo experience. I think I would want to pitch myself off a roof if I ever played this with more than two, though.