Thunderbolt Apache Leader

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The rating reflects my general desire to play the game solitaire (the only way it can be played). I am always thinking about how to find time to play a few missions -- it is a vast improvement over Hornet Leader, although this comes at the cost of a bit more complexity. The addition of the tactical map with terrain adds a welcome depth to the basic Air Leader system which prior to this simply had planes flying in, surviving anti-air fire and dropping bombs. I also like that pilots are no longer tied to particular planes, which allows the system to model ongoing equipment damage as well as pilot stress.


[EDIT] Okay, here's the deal. -You need at least two deep (DVG) counter trays, well-sorted with a clear organizational scheme. -You need the ability to walk away and come back between missions. -You need to internalize how you're supposed to spend SO points, especially with respect to munitions (reading the example of play helps) -You need to accept that missions will be roughly 50/50 setup and actual play. If you can accept all of that, the game is indeed an extremely fun solo game. Original comment follows: A bit of a heartbreaker for me, as I love Warfighter, solo games, and the Warthog (I think it's actually quite pretty, myself). It is fun to see a wake of destruction behind your metal birds, it is true. But oh, my, the endless chit-pulling and chit-finding is ever so tedious. And yes, I have counter trays. But between the laborious setup (find and place ten of these, eight of these, etc. etc.) and the repetitive damage resolution (pull six light hits, now get a pylon marker and a bullet holes marker, etc.)... And the fun bits of setup, the shopping, are similarly mired in fumbling around with too much stuff. If I could be persuaded that there is a good organizational schema that makes it effortless, I would gladly try again.


by afjb

Really enjoyable and strategic solitaire game. Your decisions begin from choosing which pilots and planes to use based on the mission and your enemy, arming the aircraft and determining what strategy to use -- high/low altitude, what targets to hit, etc. A few bad dice rolls and it's really tough to recover, but it can be done. I would definitely recommend picking this game up. I wish there were more target bound mission cards, which are drawn before and after every mission -- just for more variety. Plus set up time for each mission can take a while. Other than that it's simply a fun, engaging game.