Cosmic Encounter

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Played first with no aliens and no flares to teach the family. Everyone from 9 to 40 caught on quickly, so I ran through a couple of Alien powers and then assigned them randomly.I love watching emergent strategies around the table as people try different things and different alliances. This one is going to run and run.


Immediate hit with our group of mostly eurogamers. The wild alien powers are fun, fun, fun!




Fall 2014. Started tracking games late. Add about 10 to the number of plays.


I like this game, although not as much as some. I find that it tends to end too quickly. Racial special powers can sometimes only be used once before the end of the game. Negotiating aspect can make this one run long for our group. Still, sci-fi theme is enjoyable and replay value is limitless given the huge number of different races.


The epic space game of infinite possibilities!


Every alien is OP and meant to break the game. The only way this game can be bad is if all players get the draw of crappy aliens, which is rare.


by paka

FFG version is much better one than mine AH. I'll gladly play this one again.


I've only played one game so far, I liked it a lot but the group I played with seemed lukewarm on it. They seemed to get hung up on not having the "right" cards in their hand, maybe I just need to get them in the right mindset.


First played in the 1980's. It's a classic for a reason, simply epic fun. In space, everyone will hear you laugh! People say you must have the "right group" but that is basically true with any game right? BUT!!! What I think they mean is that the "10" out of this game is when you have a group of players that really get into what this game is all about: negotiation and variable player powers. One of the player can be an alien race that seems to have a power FAR better than everyone else's in the game, so it's up to everyone else to negotiate their way into victory and overcome the challenge of the other alien powers.... then again that's the cool thing... that's EVERY game. Every game is you and your alien power(s) trying to out negotiate and out maneuver everyone else so that you can be the first to gain 5 foreign colonies. You have to play with folks that understand it's about fun, backstabbing, negotiation, and winning... if you do all that, you will have one of the best times around a game table. NEVER the same game twice, seriously infinite replay-ability.


Fun negotiation game! Really just a blast to play, and all the different alien races allow for just a really great and different experience every time. One great thing is scales well for any number of playings(never played with the 7 or 8th player). Always a great game to pull out at a game night.


Amazing fun for the simplistic mechanics. Though initially it feels like a random luck draw, the amount of choice at the player's disposal nearly removes this entirely. Bluffing your cards, knowing when to strike hard, or gather allies and defend - it's an amazing game. And infinite replayability!


Yes, it's crazy--but there's a lot of underlying control. Add to that the constant necessity to wheel and deal, and you have a fair bit of power over your fate. And if not? The game should be over soon enough--reshuffle the alien cards and try out a new power.


3-6 Best with 6


2 xx


3-8p Sleeves


Once you realize how broken this game is, you can just roll with it and it becomes fun.


Good, chaotic fun. This is the one game in my collection that can't see enough play.


Always different, always chaotic, always fun... even for the kids. Our eight year-old here recently went on an eight-game undefeated streak... in spite of everyone's best intentions to "bring him down." He still won. ;) Stuff like that makes any game an instant win for me. UPDATE: This game gets better every time I play it, regardless of the outcome. CC is simply "awesome" in a box.


As advertised: "a game of infinite possibilities". Feels fresh after repeat plays because of the large variation and interaction between alien races. Little downtime. Conflicts, but because of the destiny deck nobody gets picked on. Fluid alliances over the course of the game are fun.


Very random, obviously depends on the players as to how enjoyable it will be. I don't feel there is enough control over actions to enjoy the game.


I can play this game for the rest of my life and never be bored with it. Every game is different, and with the right players no game provides more long-lasting memories.


Ok so you have to warn people this one is a little weird, it is unbalanced (on purpose) it has some take that and you have to have the full compliment of players. Which means it won’t make it to the table as much. However the game play is solid and my wife hates piece elimination games and can tolerate this, it is rated lower than me but willing to play is better than not at all. June 2019 $32.99


I played this once as a teenager and I remember loving it, however when I revisited it 15 years later I wasn't too impressed. I'm not sure if it is because I was playing a newer version or because I was playing a three player game instead of a four player game or something else. Maybe it's that my expectations were set too high by my foggy memory. With three players the alliance mechanic fell flat and the powers didn't seem as strong as would have thought them to be. Also with attack power cards as high as 30 I'm not sure what the purpose of putting up ships to increase your attack. In reading up on the game I think I need to get the incursion expansion and play it again with four or more people. Hopefully then the rating will go up.


EMBRACE THE WHIMSY - THIS GAME WILL AMAZE Played 3 games in a row last Saturday night. It is easily my favourite game I am yet to play. It definitely takes a specific crowd to play it, but when it gels...IT IS HILARIOUS fun. Also, I need to talk less...people gang up on me :P ------------------ I had my first bad game of this earlier this month. Honestly it all came down to the fact that I had not yet lost and EVERYONE at the table was determined to make sure I lost, so while it was fun for them it was not much so for me. I can't blame the game for that though - just my friends :P


Fun game, but incredibly chaotic. The alien races make it interesting. I am not a fan of negotiation games as the loudest, most annoying player often dominates. TRADED AWAY


With [thing=61001][/thing]


Really fun for social groups willing to play around with the group diplomacy. Not nearly as fun for the groups that don't... It's an 8.5 for me, but it can definitely tank in rating for those that aren't into the mechanics.


I always have fun with the wacky combinations that occur in this game.


fun game...but the powers are way too imbalanced...some are just plain better than others.


w/ all expansions


This game was great!


complex game but very good ....


The game has merit, but fell flat with my friends.


Aliens. Negotiation. Betrayal. Infinite replayability. Classic.




I want the Demon promo.


Love this game and all the expansions for it. Wish the rulebook was tighter for all the weird errata needed and edge cases with the aliens. Cosmodex is a must to play this game


The game that inadvertently introduced me to "modern" gaming. I mean, as modern as a game released in 1977 can be. Incredibly group dependent, so the game can be a 5 or a 10 based on who you are playing with. The highs are real high, hence my rating as that reflects many of the groups I've played with. A great blend of social engineering, mechanics, and controlled chaos.


2-4 players (6 with add-ons) (best 4) 60 minutes


This game is just my style. Sometimes I wish there was a bit more strategy, but usually I'm having too much fun to notice the lack of it.


My first introduction to cosmic encounter, what a good game. Buy the modern version, you won't regret it.


I tried this game twice. The first time, it was with only three people and the guy explaining the rules did a poor job. Also, it was an older, worse version of the game. It was boring. The second time was also with only three people and the guy who owned it was a super fan (we played his original Eon copy). We also played with multiple alien powers that changed every turn. It was terrible. After a lot of reflection, I realized that it wasn't Cosmic Encounter that was the problem. I got this as a gift, and I'm excited to try it with four or more people who aren't going to spread on a thick layer of unconscionable house-rules. Update - Recent play of this game has proved my suspicion correct: it is a lot of fun with the proper approach. The game can still sometimes be frustrating and a little too complex, but the negotiation and deal-making is great.


by klz

Just the base Eon version, and i haven't had the time to try to put together the many expansions out there.


I don't think I have ever had more fun in a game before. It has such great variability, that I highly doubt this will ever change. This game is not for everyone, but it definitely excels with the right group. 1/3/18: I decided to bump it down from my initial 10 since I know this game is limited by the group, therefore the experience is variable. Also some alien powers extend the game and make it less enjoyable for everyone. I still love this game.


Rating after 1 play. To play this game properly, I think you need to get into the roles of your alien races. That and having a fresh, rested mind to play with.




Strangely fascinating, but easy to get lost in the messiness of the rules and possibilities. It can be a TON of fun with the right crowd.


Cosmic Encounter has stood the test of time and for good reason. The game is littered with deduction and mind games, and not as negotiation heavy as I had imagined. Additionally, where most game's strive for balance, Cosmic Encounter is proudly the opposite. The various races, and flare card, vary wildly in strength, but this power imbalance fosters early targets. While 'The Void' may well be the most powerful race, you'd best believe everyone else knows that and will target that player until they are on equal footing. Granted this purposeful imbalance can produce some king-making scenarios, it never goes so far as to be self-destructive.


A classic that never gets old, even after hundreds of play. Caveat to "always want to play"--with the right group. While this is true for most games, this is one of the most finicky. Players who strongly prefer low-lucky high-strategy games will be put off by the random draws and power imbalances among aliens. Players who can't stand take-that mechanics, which I'm not a huge fan of myself, might be put off by it. Personally, it works because the take-that isn't too strong, most of the luck you can mitigate with smart hand management and by being a smooth negotiator. I suggest throwing small amounts of money ($1-5 per player) each game, with the winner(s) splitting the pot to maximize end-game shenanigans if you think your group can handle that without bad blood. The game is quite good without that addition, but in my experience lends itself toward shared victories.


Easily the most light-hearted game in the collection. It's broken player powers keep us from taking the game so seriously. When we want a night of screwing around, this is it. Beers encouraged.


Currently, Cosmic Enounter is one ofmy favorite group games. This is a very unbalanced game, and you know that going in. For that reason, it creates some of the best interactions, and chaos you can see in a game today. The goal is simple: You are an alien race who is trying to colonize on 5 planets that are not yours. Every alien also has a powerful abillity which will aid them on there adventure. With crazy cards, powers, alliances, betrayal you are sure to have a unique game everytime.


This is pretty much a straight negotiation game so with the right group it can be fun.