Dice Forge

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The dice crafting mechanism is fun, but oddly it slows down the pace of the game if someone is not good at removing the faces. It feels like a 30-40 minute game but you can find yourself waiting for the less skilled 'dice forger'. I would rank this game as OK, but likely to trade away at some point.


Played once, great condition.


Easy to learn, plays quick. Setup and teardown relatively quick. Typically play two games in an hour.


Took a little bit to wrap our heads around setup, but once we did it went fairly quick and was interesting.


Deck building


This is a fun, light, pretty game to play. I would say it is between this and Century Golem for most requested in my lighter game group.


The idea of "dice building" over the course of the game is really neat. I wish there was more variety in some of the monsters you can battle, but it's a very unique/striking game.


Dice-building is exactly as fun as you'd think. Popping out faces, and acquiring new ones, gives the game a nice sense of progression. Best of all, players roll their dice A LOT, so players have ample opportunity to play with their toys. The trial cards offer a decent amount of variability, but Dice Forge is too light to warrant several plays. While, I won't be picking up a copy myself, Dice Forge is a very fun game that you won't regret playing twice or thrice.