Pax Porfiriana

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SOLD: 3/2019


To borrow a phrase from a friend of mine: "Munchkin for Adults." A take-that game with a patina of historic legitimacy. Typical nightmarish Eklund rules overhead, with war crimes-level of horrifying graphic design. Glad the system spawned Pax Pamir and Pax Renaissance, though. Trade Condition Notes: Like new. Cards removed from shrink, but unplayed


This game has the highest play-to-size ratio in my collection. With a single deck of cards and some tokens that fit into a small box, you can easily have two and a half hour sessions, packed with drama, strategy, battles, negotiation, clever tricks, and surprise victories. I can't tell how I feel about the game entirely; it is unique in my collection, and thus hard to place in comparison to other games. I like the depth and the various paths and processes to follow, but the high variability can result in some very lopsided play, and the complexity of setting up a win makes feeling confident with a win unusual.