Eternal Adversary


Millennia ago, a cataclysmic event tore time apart when the agents of Chaos tried to change history
and wipe out mankind. Now countless timelines of earth exist, with the different Ancient Empires of
man thriving to this day. Chaos has begun the final battle to destroy all of the timelines of Earth.

A single timeline of Earth must remain for humankind. The ancient warrior societies must band
together to fight for existence and Chaos must destroy Earth if they are to have a future in this final
timeline...Which side will you choose?

Eternal Adversary is a 2-5 player game between two teams. Build up your hero as you play, getting tougher, faster, deadlier. Do you fight for Order? Or for Chaos? If you are Order, you can use technology to bolster your hero. Battle for Chaos, and benefit from the random hells.

The two teams perform different tasks. Order heroes seek out and destroy Chaos Rifts, helping to heal the universe. Chaos heroes seek the tokens of disorder and bear them to their dark lord. Both teams advance their respective Doom in this manner.

Ultimately, a team reaches the end of its Doom track, and the final battle begins. Both sides stake everything on one great clash. Have you gained enough experience, or injured the enemy sufficiently? Will you win in the last conflict?

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