Star Wars: Outer Rim

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I thought this was an interesting little puzzle but it didn't feel at all 'star wars' to me. None of the mechanics conjured up a feeling of being a rough and tumble smuggle/bounty hunter on the fringes of society. And nothing made me feel this couldn't have been re-skinned with boats across the Mediterranean or carts along the silk road. I would have happily had a less elegant/sensible/efficiency requiring game in order to include more edge of your seat, crazy random encounter, last second escape in your unreliable space ship feeling to the game.


FFG got it right with this one. So thematic, and the random story generator is back! It's been a joy to play (even if it is solo). Looking forward to the many FFG expansion to come, buying more dice, etc.


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Was not a bad time, but the whole time I just wanted to play Firefly instead.