German Railways

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For the most part, I think I liked this game. I don't quite know if I liked the random Turn Draw though. I don't think it's essential to actually take turn actions to win, though it does help in trying to make sure your railroads are the ones that make the hookups. I'd like to give this a few more plays though...


The "turn order mechanic" (i.e., randomly denying people turns mechanic) serves neither as a catch-up mechanic nor an interesting way to vary turn order. It's terrible. It's so terrible, and the rest of the game sufficiently bland, that this game has no reason to exist.


Great gameplay. Horrible components. I do better at my PnP games...


Way too opaque at the outset. The asymmetric company abilities/penalties make share valuation a meta-game challenge that is bordering on insurmountable for inexperienced players. Accidental kingmaking in this game is even easier than it is in most Winsomes because of the high-wire act of uncertainty. Some positives: The turn order mechanism is quite fascinating. I think it's ingenious, though it's easy to see why people wouldn't like it. Once you understand why it exists, though, it brings to light that playing the game well has little (if anything) to do with laying track and everything to do with the auction. Unfortunately, Queen's design of the game is a criminal act of bad UX implementation. Company shares are too hard to distinguish at a glance because of the color scheme, and there is no player aid on the board to identify company abilities and penalties. You really need to create your own components to fix these issues, which I guess isn't too hard. But still, really?