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by t2

Valentine's Day present from Sam, 2/14. GCL:


I thought the game was just OK, and the art killed it.


Finally got this after a long delay. I've only played it once at this time but I did enjoy my time with it. I would like a 2 player map expansion as I would probably get more play with it. 72 Tristan


Wow so much here and so elegant. I generally only play with the Salsa expansion.


Very interesting game of tempo and resource management. Timing can be huge, and there are pressures to do everything all at once. Another winner from Mac.


Turned Play - Race Finish Card Action Free Board Movement Card Drafting - Deck Building Parallel Area Influence & Resource Management Victory Point Scoring Competitive Interference


[b][size=12][BGCOLOR=#C0C0C0]Sleeved[/BGCOLOR][/size][/b] [COLOR=#FFFFFF][b][size=12][BGCOLOR=#FF0000]Have Game Want Accessories[/BGCOLOR][/size][/b][/color] Want the Top Shelf Gamer Resource Kit & Bag Kit


Excellent so far - easy to play, but plenty of options to consider and plan around. May move to a 10 with more plays.


While I think this game is over-hyped a bit, its still quite good. It's definitely one of the better "trading in the Mediterranean" games. It's also right at the cusp between medium and light weight games, so it's a great transition point for players into heavier games,


Really enjoyed my play through of this game. I think the way players use the board + the deck of cards makes for a good tactical challenge without weighing down the game with Euro-math.


2/1/19: Is there anything this game is missing? Interaction with other players, light area control, hand management, card drafting, resource exchanging...all of my favorite actions wrapped up in a single game. This needs an insert and to be played more. One of my favorite games to play.


Easy to learn and teach with good, solid mechanics. Very hard to tell who the winner is going to be unless you are carefully watching everything other players are doing and performing a lot of mental math which I like because it keeps everybody engaged the whole game.


Astoundingly good game. Simple actions, but the depth lies in taking the right ones at the right times. This has the kind of player interaction I love, where you can make choices that mess with other players' future choices, even if you're not actively changing their game state. Who needs war? This is trade!


September 2019 $31


Really great game. Interesting blend of card play and resource management. Plays quickly for the depth of decisions.


Trading in the Mediterranean - usually not my cup of tea, but this was good. The Roman empire theme is thin but still cool. I wish there was a bit more player interaction. Still really solid, balanced, and fun experience.


One play in and I love it so far. I love the tension of wanting to do so much and not having any cards. I love all of the resources. I love the idea that you get scoring based on what cards you have. I love that the game is deceptively simple to explain. I'm looking forward to many more plays of this game!


Location: Kallax


Love this game.


I've been playing a bunch on BAJ


Fantastic! Really enjoy all of the different options. The card selection is tough and the many paths to victory are exciting. INCLUDED: Concordia: Britannia & Germania Concordia: Salsa Concordia: Venus


Liked it much better on my second play with three than my first play with two. Three players might be the sweet spot but I'd be up for trying a four-player game. PROS/NOTES -A dynamic push and pull between when to work on your engine and when to take points. -A surprising amount of planning in the resource management. -A big push to get many different things done in a short amount of time. I was often having to take several turns to set up for one action. - All this led to some turns being quite quick where others were more AP prone. Part of this is due to the fact that it's hard to plan for your next turn as the board can change drastically and you might need to make a plan B on the fly. The main reason why this might work better at three. CONS -It's quite hard to have a strategy for choosing cards. It just seems like you end up taking whatever cards you can afford and hoping for the best. And this leads me to the fact that... -My biggest complaint is I don't like the endgame scoring but I don't see a reasonable way around it considering the cards are multipliers.


Pretty dry, need more play with 4 player or lower to test +Concordia: Salsa (2015) +Concordia: Britannia / Germania (2014)


8.0 / 2-5p Best 4 / 100m / 2013 / Overall 35 / Strategy 26 / 3.14


Includes Salsa expansion


Concordia vies for my favorite game of all time. I love that the hand building and set collection mechanism are merged with what is essentially an area control style game. The game has tons of strategy without being overly complex.


The rules for this game are straight forward, the game play presents some really interesting choices and the scoring at the end is just fantastic !



Cards sleeved. Have the Salsa expansion.


Point salad with limited player interactions. There are too many mechanics and you cannot ignore any if you want to succeed. It leads to too much analysis paralysis and not enough game.


This is currently my go-to game. I own Concordia, Salsa, and Venus. Simple rules, yet incredible deep gameplay, and plenty of player interaction (especially for such a dry-looking Euro). Can't recommend enough.


There’s lots of interesting and difficult decisions and the play is smooth and fast. It’s slightly more difficult that we expected going it but it’s an enjoyable experience still. The illustration and production quality is good too.


2-5, 100m


My dry, themeless, mechanical resource conversion game of choice. It's a cut above other games of this type: the role selection system so buttery smooth, you could spread it on your breakfast toast; the rules are simple enough to teach even to non-gamers; and the game has interplay that's more than just standard Euroblocking. With the right maps, it works wonderfully across all player counts.


W/ Promo: 8 Forum Tiles


+ Relatively simple rules, all explained on the cards, so no need to reference the rule book during play. + Quick turns, while having lots of options to choose from. Great depth for simplicity of rules.




Comes off as a little two-dimensional but the complexity unravels over the course of the game. My Catan-killer.


Easily the best Euro game in existence. Smooth, fun, interesting, and lots of replayability. I ADORE this game. I think of all the games I've ranked a 10, this is the only one I'd insist on an 11 for.


tight. balanced.... jesus!


Concordia is everything its cracked up to be. While the theme is exhaustively overdone, Concordia twists the Euro game mold is two distinct ways, which lend directly to its popularity. Firstly, player interaction while indirect is not obstructive, and is instead (mostly) beneficial to others. Secondly, and more importantly, players tailor their own end game scoring values. This promotes drastically varied play, and equips players with an incredible amount of control. Once the learning curve is cleared the game moves briskly, and rarely overstays its welcome.


Heard about this on Blue Peg, Pink Peg and though it sounds solid, I don't know how many European themed, trading games I can handle! Will definitely be doing some more research and may end up culling my collection to make room for it.


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In Germany


+ Concordia: Gallia / Corsica ‐ English/German first edition (2016)