Unknown is a fully cooperative dungeon crawler where the players explore, gather resources, fight enemies and environmental hazards, and attempt to complete missions to start rebuilding civilization, all while trying not to starve. You are among a group of survivors, those that were smart enough to hide underground when the war came to your city. While there are many people here, only a few of you have volunteered to venture out past the relative safety of your makeshift camp in the tunnels. No one knows what is out there, but supplies are running out, and you need to find more if everyone is going to continue surviving. Staying alive isn't enough though, you need to start rebuilding, or at least making things a little more secure. Your team must explore the nearby tunnels in order to keep the base camp supplied with food and complete the missions set out for you. The base game features 16 characters, 16 missions, and 5 optional tasks, along with 7 enemy types and 9 environmental hazards to ensure a different experience every game.

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