Gallipoli, 1915: Churchill's Greatest Gamble


On 25th April 1915, Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty, launched a hastily assembled force of British, Australian, New Zealand, and French troops against the Ottoman defenses on the gallipoli peninsula. Their goal was to capture the Turkish forts that guarded the Dardanells. The Entente fleets would then capture Constantinople and open up a supply line to Russia. Defending the beaches was an equal number of Ottoman divisions, well-led and battle-hardened in the recent Balkan Wars, with advisors from the German General Staff. Ultimately the campaign was a bloody disaster for the Entente, although it gave birth to the ANZAC legend and initiated Mustafa Kemal's rise to become the founder of modern Turkey.

The game covers the first three days from the landing, a time of wild maneuver and decisive attacks parried by the timely arrival of reinforcements. Orders are issued to Brigade and Regiment. To win you must learn to practical operational tempo.

The heart of the game is choosing your own plan. Can you as the Entente open the Dardanelles, or as the future Atatürk, achieve a 100-year victory by pushing the Western powers back into the sea? Careful planning can achieve complete victory for either side.

• Clearing Sedd el Bahr (Training)
• Kemal's Counter-attack (Intruductory)
• 1st Battle of Krithia (Introductory)
• Historical Landing at Anzac
• Historical Landing at Cape Helles
• Combined Historical Landing on Peninsula (Anzac & Helles)
• Free Landing Scenario (High Replay Value)

Rifle & Spade Series Rules
Setup & Reinforcement Booklet
2 (identical) Charts & Tables Booklets
19 Player Aid Cards
6 Counter Sheets
2 Maps
5 Ten-sided Dice

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