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With Bohnaparte, High Bohn


Fun as long as players don't take too long to conduct trades.


Good game. Silly theme. Works well with newbies. It's a little hard to explain sometimes, people's eyes glaze over, but when they actually play it, they typically find it's not that bad.


Have just played two games which were all right, would play again but would probably not propose this game as it takes rather long for what it is.


by Rudi

previously a 7.5... but this filler gets so much regular play-time and is easy to teach with something in it for the experienced gamer as well


still need to get my head around this.. more play is needed for me.


by paka

Nice set-collection game with trading thrown in. I'm not so good at trading tho. Needs more players but tends to drag then.


A solid mechanics-light game that takes a little longer than expected, but has a built-in acceleration.


Didn't do it for me. Too constrained and stilted; maybe I'm just reacting viscerally to the strange hand mechanic.


Was too much for the family to grasp mainly the not organizing the hand but interesting trading game.


[color=#CC0000] Still early for me on this one -- three games in. But I've enjoyed all three immensely. [/color]


I have fond memories of this but idk if I'd still like it.


I found this very meh overall. It does interesting things, but it doesn't do them half as well as a lot of other games I own. I can understand the appeal for others, but for me this is a mediocre game. Not bad, but also not good enough to compete for table time against almost all of the other games sitting on the shelf.


Very clever game that really illustrates the negotiation mechanic. I hadn't played my copy for 3 years though so I passed it along as a gift.


I just can't seem to get this to the table. It must be the hand-play mechanic (not being able to change the order of your cards). I don't know what it is about this... I hear all about how this is a fine game with wonderfully designed mechanics, but it loses me. I'll keep trying though... I don't give up easily. Update: Spent some time playing this online and found it enjoyable.


Played a friend's copy and we got into an all-out trading frenzy that was a ton of fun with lots of player interaction but little confrontation. I also really enjoy begging for stink beans hahaha!


Made by the rule about not rearranging cards in hand. Still has decisions about when to harvest and how much to trade. Modifications for player number are likely essential, but it makes set-up and (to a small extent) play more complicated that would be preferred.


Still the best Uwe game. Beans is a classic. I've still never played this at 2 or 3p, but it works at the rest and that's good enough.


Bohnanza has received dozens of plays. However, at this point I am somewhat burnt out on it.


Enjoyable game, but not my favorite Uwe. It's great for a lighter game when you don't want to think but still don't want to play a party game. 2019 update: This is a great game. Approachable for everyone and once you get into trading and negotiation it's really, really fun.


This is not a family game. This is a shrewd and cutthroat negotiation.


I bought because I thought my wife would like it - she loves it. -------- Played it tonight with my non gamer extended family. It has been tough to excite them about many games, but Bohnanza went down SO WELL. They were laughing, cutting up, making deals. It seems like it should be a hard game to learn but they picked it up SO easily and were having a great time. I highly highly highly recommend this game. Going to rate it higher now, and look forward to playing it again. 27-3-16


Just a smidge too long. That third round is short, but I'm ready to be done after two runs through the deck.


Fun, lighthearted game. Nice, funny artwork. Getting first timers to keep their hand in order is always a challenge.


Enjoy this game a lot & the interaction with other players. My wife & mother-in-law love this game. My wife and I have played the 2 player version and it is just OK.


Wheel n' and deal n'. Quick paced and fun.


A nice, fairly light negotiation game that is good for larger groups since the negotiation reduces downtime. Easy to introduce to new players though sometimes the trading can get stale "uh...I don't want this...will you take it? Cool...your turn." But overall, it does what it does quite well. this is also a bit better with 4+ players too--with 3 there doesn't seem to be enough competition sometimes to make the trades interesting.


7.1 / 2-7p Best 5 / 45m / 1.68


very very funny, as are the players for more fun......


A spectacular trading/party game. Tons of fun


FULLY SLEEVED 161 x Mayday sleeve size: Standard USA Card - Purple: Standard (MDG-7040, 100/pack)


A really fun game about trading and set collection. Needs The right group that will trade with equal aggression. The coins, discard, and draw pile can get confusing (all look the same).


Inoffensive. The hand management seems a bit infuriating but not particularly difficult, if players make mutually beneficial moves.


Way too long for what it is. I don't really like the trading in this game.


"Sure, why not?" is my response to playing this game


I traded away the Fan Edition, which I didn't play because the art obscured/omitted too much important information.


2-7, 45m


Really fun trading/negotiation game that actually gets people talking. Light enough to play with non-gamers, and it feels social without being a party game. Deserves its status as a classic.


Felt too slow both in terms of game length and time between turns.


Planting, growing and selling beans, with trading and negotiation at the core; not great for three players, probably best with 5 or more. My review of Bohnanza can be found here:


by klz

A really good game that needs people willing to play. It works as a great gateway game if everyone is willing to listen to the rules about hand management.


fun trading game if you play with the right people.


A solid family game that is fairly easy to learn and scales well to different number of players. A lot of player interaction here, maybe too much, as your ability to trade is the primary determinant of success, but enjoyable nonetheless.


I suppose this is a pretty good game - I just don't like auctions and beans all that much.


2007-11-08 - Bought 2009-12-18 - Gave as a holiday present to my little cousins. 2017-09-16 - Bought starlitcitadel


Beans should not be this fun. They're beans. And yet, we have Bohnanza: a wildly fun bean trading and planting game from the same guy that would go on to make Agricola. Something we play frequently and something non-gamers pick up quickly and truly enjoy.


Fun pretty simple, set collecting game. Easy to teach.


Great game, easy to learn and there is some strategy to the game and the cards are funny and keep the game light.


(7/16) 8. A fantastic, simple, classic game. Tight and quick yet fits in room for some great negotiation. (9/17) Drop to 7. So much game in such a tiny set of cards. Should play this more.