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Way too lo...

by elltrain

Way too long for what it is. I don't really like the trading in this game.


"Sure, why...

by mgacy

"Sure, why not?" is my response to playing this game


I traded a...

by fiddly_bits

I traded away the Fan Edition, which I didn't play because the art obscured/omitted too much important information.


2-7, 45m

by snurp

2-7, 45m


Really fun...

by Brent

Really fun trading/negotiation game that actually gets people talking. Light enough to play with non-gamers, and it feels social without being a party game. Deserves its status as a classic.


Felt too s...

by Median54

Felt too slow both in terms of game length and time between turns.


Planting, ...

by Zeugmatic Player

Planting, growing and selling beans, with trading and negotiation at the core; not great for three players, probably best with 5 or more. My review of Bohnanza can be found here:


A really g...

by klz

A really good game that needs people willing to play. It works as a great gateway game if everyone is willing to listen to the rules about hand management.


fun tradin...

by Chitownsox

fun trading game if you play with the right people.


A solid fa...

by andrewishi

A solid family game that is fairly easy to learn and scales well to different number of players. A lot of player interaction here, maybe too much, as your ability to trade is the primary determinant of success, but enjoyable nonetheless.


I suppose ...

by Baltasilian

I suppose this is a pretty good game - I just don't like auctions and beans all that much.



by usagi-san

2007-11-08 - Bought 2009-12-18 - Gave as a holiday present to my little cousins. 2017-09-16 - Bought starlitcitadel


Beans shou...

by frankqb

Beans should not be this fun. They're beans. And yet, we have Bohnanza: a wildly fun bean trading and planting game from the same guy that would go on to make Agricola. Something we play frequently and something non-gamers pick up quickly and truly enjoy.


Fun pretty...

by eyeballertbb

Fun pretty simple, set collecting game. Easy to teach.


Great game...

by illwill

Great game, easy to learn and there is some strategy to the game and the cards are funny and keep the game light.


(7/16) 8. ...

by markbesada

(7/16) 8. A fantastic, simple, classic game. Tight and quick yet fits in room for some great negotiation. (9/17) Drop to 7. So much game in such a tiny set of cards. Should play this more.