1572: The Lost Expedition


This is a one page, ultra-portable, black and white solitaire game. You assume the role of a small party of conquistadors trying to reach the Atlantic Ocean after a failed expedition deep in the New World. This game is limited to 42 turns and each turn consists of phases such as Map Making, Exploring, and Hunting where a handful of dice are allocated in a press-your-luck fashion. For those that enjoy role-playing, there is also an optional Journaling phase where you try to tell a story about what happened on your turn. Can you reach the Atlantic Ocean before time runs out or before you lose all of your Conquistadors?

Your commander and entire company was killed after being ambushed in these mountains. The next morning, only six of you survive. Now you have to make it down the mountain and to the coastline where you can signal for help. The way is dangerous though; you’re short food and muskets. The natives will likely want you dead as offer any help.


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