The Colonists

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I thought the game was "okay", but not great. Typical Euro where you gather resources, upgrade things and build things for points. Seems to be a focus of proper chaining of actions and storage of goods. Neither of which are particularly interesting. Can be a lot of AP since you're limited to where your pawn can move among the action spaces. Storage is very limited, and some weird restrictive rules about when you can upgrade your residences. The residences house your workers (not workers in the WP sense, but the ones you need to "man" your buildings and storages). Only played the intro game (without using the Embassies), and we played through the first 2 (of 4) eras. The embassies seem to offer rule-breaking bonuses and a different 4 are available each game, so there's some variety. I'm not too keen on setting it up and playing again, tbh. Just didn't scratch any particular gaming itch of mine, I suppose. There's not much player interaction; not even blocking of spaces, as you can always go to a market stall, and even if another pawn is on the space you need to go to, you can still go; you just have to pay a fee. One thing that was weird is that my opponent and I were swimming in tools the entire game, and a reread confirms we played by the correct rules.


1-4 players, epic economic strategy game with 4 modules, so you can determine the length and complexity of your game. Rating based on a couple of solo runs of the base game and a couple of solo and 2p games of the 1st era and 2nd era. It is a solid game, but the humongous playtime make that I don't pull it out much. Will probably try and play a full game and then decide whether to keep this one or make place for other (shorter) games.


Played this once, though only 2 of the 4 eras. So half a game. But that still took 4 hours. It is a fine game. Something I would play again, but not itching to play. I would never request it. I would also likely have to pass on it if I felt there was something else I would miss out on due to its length. I feel I can scratch the same itch with a game like Agricola or Yokohama. They are just as entertaining but without the time investment.


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