The Wizard Always Wins

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The Wizard Always Wins is fun. I should say that first because almost everything else I have to say about it is negative. The cover is hideous. The name is stupid. The theme is dull and pointless and the art is mediocre cartoon style at best. The cardboard tokens should be acrylic gems. The mechanics are absolutely transparent (take action A to receive widget 2) and I usually hate that in games. But on the positive side, there are a lot of rainbows and the game really is fun. It’s accessible to everyone, games take just the right amount of time, it’s exciting, and there’s a collective thrill as the game goes on any time someone chooses the wizard or draws a gem when they’re not the wizard. In summary, I should hate this ugly hunk of junk and will almost never suggest it but will pretty much always play it.


This is my nine year old's favorite game where you try to draw your colored gem out of the bag. The turn order changes every round and each action can only be used once per round. Most of the actions involve either collecting resources to trade for gems to be placed in the bag, collecting resources to increase the number of times you can draw from the bag, or drawing from the bag. The bag tokens are cardboard but i'm considering replacing them with plastic gems on my copy of the game.


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