Cottage Garden

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by t2

Gift from Sam 6/18. GCL:


Peaceful and pleasing to look at and relaxing to play. We played multiple games of Patchwork alongside Cottage Garden and Patchwork pretty much wins across the board in all areas (since we'll likely only ever play Cottage Garden with two players) but at least for now there's a place for it in our collection.Especially because of all the cats! Maybe we can have a laid-back game night where we just play Cottage Garden and Herbaceous. Also, some of the pieces don't quite fit together and that's really annoying.


Seems very simplistic and low on interactive elements.


We really enjoy this thematically and play-wise. Excellent light strategic game.


Really satisfying gameplay, but the strategy can seem a little thin, especially for how long it can take.


As a two player experience Patchwork was just far superior. I am not sure how more players changes the dynamic, but I am sure it is a fun multiplayer game at that point. Unfortunately for me the only time it would get played is two player with my wife, so I am glad we just borrowed this one.


I like gardening, but the theme is weak and does not combined well with the game mechanisms. A puzzle game tied with tile placement, sugar coated with flowers.


W/ Promo: Brettspiel 2017 Easter Bunny Simple, relaxing, zen garden building. Grabbed this on whim and it works well as a solo and light game experience.


Cottage Garden is a poor follow up to Patchwork. Where Patchwork is brisk and interactive, Cottage Garden is plodding and isolating. The tile board in Cottage Garden is strictly inferior to the circular market of Patchwork. Cottage Garden adds more players, but plays much more heads down. And the management of cats and pots, and the sextet of markers in two colors, just creates noise in an already forgettable game.


Tetris in a garden. I like a description I heard: like Patchwork, with up to 4 players, and without the pain of not having enough buttons. Very nice theme and artwork. Could play this easily with family as well as more experienced gamers. Not much player interaction or take-that, other some possible 'denial' by taking the tile that someone else may have needed. This is a gentle game.