Ticket to Ride: New York

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Fast and frantic, yet still leaves me with my heart pumping in my chest wondering if my end game gambit will pay dividends or leave me sorely wanting. But it’s all over in 15 minutes, so I don’t have a heart attack! Yay for brevity.


I really like this Ticket to Ride its super fast pace, and ends so abruptly that there isn't time to really draw tickets to score super points. I like that the strategy is different in this one too because if you turtle you will lose for sure. I would like to try this with 4 players.


Sleeved with Fantasy Flight



Does not have the magic of the original


This is such a fantastic, quick experience! All the same great things you've come to know and love about Ticket to Ride are present, along with a new tidbit sprinkled in. The definite draw here is the fast playtime, which allows for the feeling of the complete TTR experience but without the required time commitment or table space.


It's Ticket to Ride: Filler Edition. You probably know whether or not that's something you want. It definitely was for me. It's kind of made or broken by how good your starting tickets are, and I wish there was a second map, but I enjoy TtR anyway and the taxis make me happy.


Played at UKGE. Replaces trains with taxis. It quick and its light.