Rückkehr der Helden

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Play a character in this fantasy world, trying to build up in abilities before your opponents so you can be the one to defeat the big bad guy. Subquests and movement are an improvement over Rune Quest. Still quite a bit of dice rolling, but a pretty fun adventure game. Graphic presentation is lacking.The fun is in the theme more so than the gameplay.


I'll give this another chance, but it seemed like a relatively pointless race. It's awfully pretty, though, and I love fantasy, but next to Prophecy it seems very hollow. [EDIT] Wow, it's an awful lot better when you aren't struggling with the rules. Having given this another shot, it seems to deserve yet more. I'm surprised and pleased.


I got this wanting it to be a more streamlined Magic Realm. Found it to be quite dull and boring. Great components but the game just doesn't work for me.




The first time I played this it was a debacle. The fiddly nature of the game works against it, and the rule book is horrendous. Still, I'd like to give it another shot. I think I'm not all that interested in pick up and deliver character building quest games anymore. Talisman was fun back in the day, but random. I guess I've had my fill in MMORPGs and computer RPGs. Or not. Requires more plays.