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Played it once, was quite nice. Would like to play again.


12 plays so far with 2 and with 3, and I officially like the game. I enjoy the shorter playtime compared to Innovation and Glory to Rome. It is certainly different enough from these two to warrant a place in the collection. I'm eager to play more and explore the various possibilities since there is a lot of variety in how the game plays.12.8.16: This stopped hitting the table rather abruptly. The rhythm of the game is a bit off; players build up, then take some long turns and you don't get many of them. Still, I might bring it to a bar night in the future just for old times sake.SOLD, March 2018


Great game, but not so good at two, you really need three or four for it to shine.


Chudyk combos like only Chudyk can, but not quite as satisfying as Innovation, Mottainai, or GtR. It is a 4X in the most technical sense but it never feels like you're performing any of the X-es besides Exterminate. It's definitely an above-average game but I'll jump to my other Chudyks first.