Bang!: The Dice Game

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Played once, was allright. No need to add this to the collection, though.




FUN, enough said? Oh, don't play with 8 year old kids that think it's funny to ALWAYS target Mommy or Daddy. ;)


great game similar to good cop bad cop but I like the randomness of the dice. So far the game feels a little outlaw heavy depending on the number of player and feels like the sheriff has no chance in hell to win, but still over all a fun game.


Pretty simple light game. Don't expect too much from it, but it's more enjoyable than BANG just due to the length.




I was quite disappointed after playing this game a few times. The social deduction part of the game is almost pointless and so the game is basically just a dice chucker. That being so, I feel like there are way better dice chuckers out there. I would say maybe play something like King of Tokyo over this especially considering that player elimination happens a lot sooner in this game.


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It's fast, fun, and easy to teach/learn. For what it is, its what I like it.


Great game! Lots of laughs. I think it might be the first filler I rated 8 or higher.. Well there's Coloretto but that was just for the principle based on pure elegance. Gifted it to a friend and after playing her copy I put it on my wishlist. 2015-06: Changed rating from 8.5 to 8. Still fun but better with close friends.


Has most of the elements of the original card game, without as many annoyances. Indians, Gatling Gun, Dynamite have all been brought across with differences due to the new format.




Fun, quick, easy to teach to non-gamers. (i.e. family)




Deserves a solid 7. Good game, but nothing special. Wish the hidden roles actually came in to play.


I really enjoy Bang! As kind of an action oriented Werewolf, but there's some semi-uncomfortable theming in my opinion. This is probably because it's not an American game and is a bit removed from some of the historical context that make the depiction and treatment of Native Americans questionable.


Fast and fun. Player elimination sucks, but the game is short enough. INCLUDED: BANG! The Dice Game: Old Saloon


This game is a blast and is requested in my group only slightly less than Codenames. Easy to learn and teach, moves quickly and gets everyone involved...and gobs of dice! Classic.


Boy do I hate Bang! but boy do I love Bang! The Dice Game. The card game overstays it's welcome about 10 times over in each game, but the dice game knows what's up. You get in, you shoot some people, you get shot, or you don't, then the game's over. You trash talk some of the other players, and you vow a rematch. Exactly what this game should have been in the first place.


Always fun to play between heavier games, or as an opener. Much more fun than the card game with less downtime when eliminated.


7.0 / 3-8p Best 6-7 / 15m / 1.30


Fast, frantic fun. A wide variety of character powers and quick playtime make this one sing.


Great secret identity game with plenty of variation and RNG. I have played both the original card version and the dice version and prefer this one more due to the RNG nature of it. It's a nice little product, super easy to pickup and it's always fun to bluff and call out your friends or strangers for that matter for lying about being the deputy. I'd suggest this game if you like social deduction types of games, that move quickly between start & end times.


Mercifully shorter and simpler than Bang the card game. There really isn't too much here, but what else can you expect from a 15 minute hidden role game. Needs 6 plus, but it squeezes in to those precious few minutes before you are serving dinner.


Somehow the dice remake is less luck based, but it still does not solve the other big issue with Bang: there is rarely much of a point to hiding your role.


Fast and fun. BANG! the Die Game was a hit at my house. Most fun with five or more players. We initially played with three and it works, but this is a big group game. The more the merrier. Love the dynamic of the opening salvos of the game as players try to figure out who is who. Lots of fun. Grab this game if you have five people or more and five minutes to kill. It's very, very easy to learn and new players are up and running in seconds, literally.


I would rather play something like Avalon or Spyfall if Im going to play a social deduction/party game.


Bang! but with dice.


Taken in Math Trade


(11/15) 7. (10/17) 6. A fun game that handled a high player count very, very well that I'm just never in the mood for.