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One of my first serious board games. This hasn't moved off the shelf since we got interested in the Euro's.Still a classic, brings out the megalamanic in the quietest of people.


One of my first serious board games. This hasn't moved off the shelf since we got interested in the Euro's.Still a classic, brings out the megalamanic in the quietest of people.


Classic, won't be played much but worth a shelf spot for the occasional throwback


This is better when you play with the secret mission cards. It's still an okay game and the luck is mitigated by the sheer number of dice rolls.


One bad side is that for us the game will last quite long (I'd say min 6hrs!) and players who have been defeated have nothing to do.


Risk.....one of the games I grew up with. I still hang on to this, although it is hardly ever played. This edition is my favourite given all the minitatures.


Classic. It doesn't get much better.


I have never played a game of Risk where I didn't get unreasonably angry at least once.


This was the first war game that I remember playing and of course this is the first game that non-gamers talk about. this was the original game that I thought there has to be more games like this that could be even better! I mean its the original conquest game and it has its times to be played and enjoyed.


Too long, too random, too stagnant. Play Vinci instead, you won't regret it.


Risk and Castle Risk Combo.


This is the game that got me to take board games seriously. I love the aspect of having to be able to fly under the radar until it's too late for the other players to stop you. Or setting up things just right so that it's in a player's best interest to attack someone else even though he knows you are winning. Another thing I enjoy is talking other players into courses of action that benefit me in the long run. Risk may be a massive dice-fest, but it's interesting to observe how little the luck of the dice affect the final outcome.




What can I say, it's die rolling time.


the luck factor is just too much for me


2017 from parents


It is what introduced me to gaming, but it has stayed unplayed for a rather long time. _______ Played a two player game with a neutral player and chose capitols that could be taken over for instant victory. It was really quite fun, BUT SHORTEST GAME EVER. Earn some points Risk!


Overall, quite a tedious game for me. Maybe it was novel back in the day and it is certainly a classic, but not a game I am willing to invest so much time on.


It's an okay game but too much dice rolling. We have a house rule that limits the amount of armies gained on turned in Risk cards in order to eliminate some dice rolling.


by 3MBG

Its an important game, but gaming has moved on. Spheres of influence, Risk 2210 and many others do the risk thing better and quicker.


Risk, like most classic games, loses most of its appeal in light of new and better games. But I do not think that Risk is a bad game. I played many games as a teenager and I enjoyed every one of them. Now I would play almost any other game I own, but if Risk was the only option, I would not refuse to play.


Too many of my Risk games ended with my cousin dumping the board.


This game isn't too bad on the computer, but still haven't played the hard copy.


by Jsil

Condition: Good. Played a couple of times. Edition: English Edition 2003 https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameversion/23837/english-edition-2003 Shipping: Anywhere in US


OK for its time. Modern area control games are infinitely better (like Small World or Inis).


Classic game, but the newer takes in 2210 and Godstorm make the game play more exciting.


Dunno why I bought this. Seems like a must have. Never really liked it.


everyone knows Risk. its the more generic axis and allies that will either excite you or bore you to tears. usually both.


Classic late night game from my childhood, no real desire to ever replay it though


Enjoyed it as a kid, realize how broken the mechanics are now. Kemet replaced this entirely.


Go for one of the newer versions that incorporates better end-games. Otherwise, the mechanics themselves aren't that bad.


2-6, 120m


by klz

Sentimental rating since I grew up with it and liked it lots. Seems limited in its gameplay now, but refreshed and definitely improved with the Reinvention's mission design. Onyx edition owned and the combined edition with Castle Risk


{1play, 6p} ugh. It's not that I don't like dice but the dice in this was just not fun. It didn't make the game more appealing.


A classic that can fill a gap if the mood is right.


Although there is nothing too special about the game of risk, its a classic.


I mostly enjoy all the risk versions I own for the nostalgia factor.


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The classic men on maps, area control game. This version has some nice wooden cubes.


Good strategy game but depends too much on luck.