Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Road to Legend


Road to Legend provides a new way to play Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition and its expansions. In Road to Legend, one to four hero players must work together to overcome the challenges presented to them by a companion app which takes the place of the overlord player.

Much of the gameplay for Road to Legend is the same as it is in the core game. Heroes undertake quests by venturing into dark and perilous locales, battling monsters and gaining riches along the way.

Road to Legend uses many of the rules from the core game of Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, in particular elements such as movement, actions, combat, and other aspects of the tactical game.

Because of this similarity, it is necessary for players to be familiar with the core game rules before attempting to play Road to Legend.

However, there are many fundamental differences between the core game and Road to Legend, in particular the following:

• Road to Legend is a cooperative game with no overlord player. All players are on the hero side and win or lose the quests and campaign together.

• There is no basic game or Epic Play variant. Players only play Road to Legend as part of a campaign, which consists of a series of story quests.

• Setup for each quest (including quest rules, tiles, tokens, and monsters) is determined by the app, and quests do not start with the entirety of the map revealed. As players explore the map and open doors, additional quest rules, tiles, tokens, and monsters are revealed.

• Instead of resolving all hero turns followed by all monster activations, hero turns and monster activations alternate. Additionally, the actions that are performed by monsters when they activate are determined by the app.


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