Catan: Cities & Knights

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Additional strategy and gameplay from regular Settlers, but tends to run long for what it adds.


Very popular among our regular group, with good player interaction, but at 3+ hours it can sometimes drag a bit too much.


Adds some interesting compelexities to a great game. makes it 20% longer i think.


Hey, Klaus! Whoever persuaded you that Catan needed to double its playing time, increase the screwage factor, and unbalance the resources is not your friend.


Makes Settlers of Catan lots of fun to play for experienced players. Otherwise, I find Settlers kinda dull (unless I'm teaching the original game to new players). The entire Catan series is still one of my favorites.


Significantly more strategic than regular Settlers and more fun. There are more resources and more choices about what to build. Being in the lead can be very detrimental as people have very tangible ways to hault your progress rather than just not trading with you.


I like the depth added by cities and knights to basic settlers. Makes the game quite longer, though


A friend from church got this around the beginning of March 2005 and I've gladly been playing it fortnightly or so since, even though I seem to only win one game in ten. Two years on from first plays and I've played less than indicated above but, on the other hand, I'm winning more often. Still my favourite way to play Settlers. All my plays of this are being recorded at 0.1 plays, concurrent with each play (1) of the base game.


A must for the base game.


Really this was an attempted play. My dad got impatient as I had read the instructions prior to but was woefully unprepared to teach. May 2008 Parents copy


Really ups the complexity of an otherwise simple game. Not sure how I feel about this one yet.


I haven't worn out Catan yet and this expansion does spice it nicely.


Too random


Makes the base game so much more interesting.


Interesting mechanics but drags on too long, and too much of a deviation from base Catan.


by klz

Makes Catan more strategic, but lengthens the game. I enjoy it more than the base game, but people who like Catan don't usually want the game to be longer, and other people usually want something with more direct interaction for 3 hour games.


This is an excellent expansion pack to an excellent game. The "Cities" half of the expansion pack introduces a new method of drawing cards and new resources and victory points to chase after. It also makes it so Cities are differentiable from two Settlements in the same vertex, which had bothered me in the base game. The "Knights" half of the game is less impressive, but still a worthwhile addition.


Can't play Catan without this one. Great added depth and strategy.