Race for the Galaxy

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Elegant an...

by elltrain

Elegant and simple to play (although hard to learn and harder to master). Great game.


I keep wan...

by mgacy

I keep wanting to like this game more every time I play it. I think being able to see who is going to win long before it happens diminishes my enjoyment.


2-4, 30m

by snurp

2-4, 30m


Even thoug...

by Brent

Even though San Juan is the game I use to introduce concepts of role selection and multi-use cards, this is a far superior game. Much has been said of the learning curve, and it is a multi-step process, to be sure. Teaching the game is a bear; expect an hour of open-handed discussion before you can even play a proper "learning" game. It will take two or three games for an engaged player to pick up the iconography and game flow, and then another 5+ games to start to understand how the basic strategies snap together. The time investment yields incredible returns, though. The game is excellent at all player counts, games are 20 minutes long with experienced players, and it has eternal replayability.


Building a...

by Zeugmatic Player

Building and expanding a galactic empire; variety of ways to gain points but the game plays quickly; sometimes random, but with experience the randomness is mediated. Best without any expansions. Replaced San Juan and Puerto Rico.


Got this i...

by Chitownsox

Got this in a trade and was iffy about it, but I think it has really cool cost/benefit trade offs that you have to make while deciding what to play.


+ This gam...

by Baltasilian

+ This game offers awesome depth vs simplicity of the rules and relatively short duration. + Great at two players. o Don't let the iconography scare you - it is not that hard and even novice players can learn. - Requires quite a few games to learn and discover strategies, which may seem daunting at first, but then the game has excellent replayability.


Yowzas! I ...

by usagi-san

Yowzas! I like it very much. Sure it is kind of akin to multiplayer solitaire but I like Princes of Florence and this kind of game is up my alley. A steep learning curve for sure but the 30 minute gameplay more than compensates for that. Very easy to play and some nice card combinations. Much better than my single play of San Juan to which this is readily compared. 2009-02-22 - Bought from Trilogy Games 2010-10-16 - Sold at Fallcon 23 2013-06-08 - Bought 2015-03-15 - Sold


Only playe...

by GorditaCrunch93

Only played three games thus far, but incredibly intriguing and packed with a surprising amount of depth.


Being a Pu...

by ekloff

Being a Puerto Rico admirer I enjoy how Race ported the phase/role selection mechanism. It inserts a level of deduction into the game, but I unfortunately find myself simply selecting phases based on which privilege is the most beneficial, rather than trying to piggyback off of my opponents, making the game a bit too straightforward for my tastes. Its also too brief, preventing players from becoming invested in the world's and developments they are using to build out their tableaus.


In Germany...

by magicjavelin

In Germany