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7.8 / 3-8p Best 4, 6 / 15-45min / Party 4 / Overall 290 / 2018 / 1.80 (SUSD Recommends Christmas 2018)


A very thinky group game. Quite fun and gratifying, but fairly introverted, not very social.



Game is a fun alternative to codenames, but I still strongly prefer codenames. This one takes a little longer than I'd like for a simple word game.


While similar to Codenames, you feel a whole lot more clever when some wild clues are guessed properly.


Decrypto is a clever game wherein players must describe a set of words using clues that are as unrelatable to previous clues as possible. The best part of the game is trying to guess your opponents words, which is nearly impossible in the early game and makes these early rounds quite boring. It has a unique twist, but it is too similar to Codenames and ultimately not as fun.


I really like the game pieces needed for setup! It makes me feel like I'm in the 90's (when floppy disks were still a thing!). I had such a fun time trying to throw off the other team while making sure my team would understand me. Another game where it helps to be close to your team.


It was fun and still different enough that I’m glad I have both this and codenames in my collection.


Has a "Codenames" type feel but requires more thought, which elevates it above a party game. It's more akin to a word version of the old Mastermind game where you had to guess at your opponent's coloured pegs.