Century: Spice Road

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Not worth playing at 2 players. 3 players was good. My play was very very quiet though. The game was quick and easy to learn. Quick to play. Many times people were waiting for someone to take their turn but it was their turn already and they had no idea. I need to play this a few more times to figure my opinion out better. I don't think it is trending in a positive direction over all though.


A more complex and less random game than Jaipur, one of my favorite two-player games with my spouse.


Super fast playtime. Super fast turns. Some cards are clearly better than others, which works well with the card picking mechanism. Very self absorbed - rarely pay attention to what others are doing.


I really enjoy engine building games and this one was very fun.


7.5 / 2-5p / 30-45m / 2017 / 1.78


Includes Playmat


Purchased from Plan B Games web store with PlayMat Add-on. This is one of my wife's favorite games... helps that she wins more times than not. Since turns are quick and the theme is rather light, the game is relaxing to play. And with the added playmat, this game is officially our #boardgameinbed of choice.


http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/century-spice-road-2017/ http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/century-spice-road-2017-accessibility-teardown/


Not a Splendor killer. It is not even a very entertaining engine builder because all you get is is more resource/action efficiency, not actual resources. That is not very exciting. Playing Century, I look at my hand of cards and the goal cards. Do I have the cubes to claim a goal? No. Can I play a card to get the cubes? It will take 7 plays and 3 resets. Is that a good number of turns? Can my opponent claim the card in less than 10 turns? Will the cards in the market speed that up? I don't know and I don't care. Knocking half a point off for the loss pour art direction compared to Golem Edition. Why does the one with a theme blender than cardboard oatmeal get to integrate with other games and not the one with a couple interesting pieces of art?


A nice, fun, simple game with enough challenges to keep us engaged. The illustrations on the cards are absolutely stunning & the included bowls and metal coins are a nice addition.


2-5, 45m


This game is not as good as Splendor. Splendor is strategic engine-building stripped down to it's mechanical core. Abstract and quick and a neat little puzzle. Since the score cards and the action cards in Century: Spice Road are separate, there is a much more tactical nature to this game than there is to Splendor. You really can't plan too far ahead, you can just kind of try to prepare for what cards [i]might[/i] come out. Normally I don't use "tactical" negatively. Generally a tactical game implies that there is a constantly-changing game state that requires a shift of direction, and some of my very favorite games are quite tactical (Indonesia, El Grande, Chicago Express, Imperial), but in an abstract engine-builder without any player interaction, it's a detriment. The prospect of a modular game system that can offer 7 different games is a neat little marketing gimmick, but for $120, I'd rather buy a single game with some teeth rather than a series of rinky-dink games that you probably won't really combine all that often.


Dull theme, dull colours and won by whoever gets the best cube cards early on..


I was surprised at how much we bring this game out for how simple it is. We're interested in the next Century game and how the two will interact as well. We tried one five player game and that didn't go over as nicely, but it's perfect for 2-3 players.


[Pending to sleeve]


Will get two expansions but theme is boring and splendor is perhaps better.


(11/17) 7. A solid game in the "Splendor" style with a handful of resources that can be upgraded and turned in for cards. I don't think it's quite a Splendor killer, but I think I'd prefer to play it over Splendor, at least for now. The Golem edition is probably my preferred one, though I don't understand the need for two editions with completely different art styles.


It's pretty and it's fast, but it is also cold and dry, and the theme is as pasted on as Splendor. In fact this just feels like Splendor, but without the nice poker tokens. If you love Splendor you will probably love this because it is more of the same. Personally, I think Splendor is the better game because I feel it gives more of a sense of progression through start, mid-game, and end, with a better sense of a culminating finish.


Love how fast the turns were, very smooth game play!