Caesar XL The Roman Civil War: 50 - 44 BC - Historical War Board Game


Caesar XL is another fine offering from veteran game designer Joe Miranda who transports its players back to the waning days of the Roman Republic as it is plunged into civil war. Julius Caesar stands poised on the banks of the Rubicon River that he must cross to win Rome, while opposing him stands Pompey Magnus (Pompey the Great) and the mighty forces loyal to him.

In this great clash between rival factions, the Populares (those "favored of the people") and Optimates (the "best men") must find their champion and either preserve the Senate and Republic or call forth a Dictator to deal with Rome's pressing problems; perhaps making him king!

Players can quickly master the games XL ("40") cards and counters via the Bronze Rules and have their Legions and great Leaders contesting Rome's territories for ultimate domination before you can auger a chicken's entrails. Building upon that are the Silver Rules that every great conqueror should know before donning the purple and staging their triumph through the streets of Rome. Hail!


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