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Top of the line worker placement game.


Are the cards balanced? Is there enough interaction? Is too much of the game wrestling with the system itself? Who cares? It's a hell of a lot of fun.


For 1-5 Players 30 minutes per player


Secret Santa Present 2011 Finally got to play this competitively, it was a blast. Can't wait to try it again and maybe add the expansions in Trade note: Comes with plastic containers for individual goods, mixed in with the Goodies Expansion (must take both) SOLD


[color=#CC0000] The peak of the strongly-controlled, highly-quantified, carefully-channeled breed of board games. I'll be surprised to see one go significantly bigger or more complex than this. This is a game where much of your destiny is kept under the thumbs of other players, while your thumb is firmly placed on top of theirs. In Agricola there are a broad enough array of options that you don't feel as claustrophobic as you do in others of this genre, and I give it credit for that, at least on the easier decks. Fundamentally though, Worker Placement titles such as this are disempowering and don't appeal to me because I feel that I'm taking actions to knock others, largely because there's nowhere left that would be beneficial for myself. Positive options not available, I finish my move getting in someone else's way and have to take contentment in the concept of slowing others down as a form of advancing myself. That's just not satisfying gaming for me. I won't turn down the game if it's offered, but I would much prefer other games when craving a similar level of complexity. Even something as esoteric as WoW: DoWWII with the full altitude rules is more satisfying. It's as complex and intense as Agricola, but your decisions are fundamentally your own to do with as you please. You're not stuck in a "choose the best of the junk that's left" situation. Dozens of other examples to choose from. That's likely not going to be a well-respected opinion here on BGG, but that's the heart of my concept of interesting game play. A game where the majority of your time is spent blocking others is not compelling for me. Alas, it's currently the darling of the industry, so I'm largely left playing older titles. [/color]


Good game. Play the revised edition.


1-5p Plano


What more can I say? The game is incredible, and the comments speak for themselves.


Crunchy Euro game, one of the best for difficulty and balance.


After finally getting in a play, I can understand the hype. I'm not sure if I agree with it completely, but it is certainly a good, enjoyable game. An amazing number of options combined with a limited number of actions combine to make each turn thoughtful and often agonizing. It appears to be balanced, but more plays would inform that opinion better. I look forward to a second play, now that each of us has had our "learning game."


Originally rated 7.75. Loved the theme and art. Downgraded to 7.5 since I didn't have anyone to play it with. Learning the cards made playing it with experts a challenge too.


What's the hype all about? Agricola is a good game, maybe even a great game, but the best game ever? Its going to take some convincing.


An enjoyable game with tons of replay value in the box. I cannot add to what has already been said about this title other than to state that it has become popular in our home among all ages -- 10 to adult (with the advanced rules, not the family rules).


Only one play so far. I enjoyed it. The theme really fit the mechanisms of the game. Enjoyable. I would play again. Possibly own too. Online Plays ( 2009-12-16 - Played with the "fuller" rules. 2009-12-12 - Bought 2010-09-18 - Sold 2012-11-01 -> 7.5 -> 8.5 (with the BAJ interface games are way faster and no setup/teardown) 2012-11-06 - Bought (Starlit Citadel)


I believe the cards can make the game unbalanced... there are some killer combos out there! Fun game, though, but doesn't live to all the hype created. Infinite re playability is a definite plus! Update: using card draft, combos can be balanced.


My rating is for the family game. So far at least the "gamer" version with the mass of cards rates a little lower. I seem to be unable to keep all the possibilities straight in my head and don't really have a clue what best to do each turn, especially when the Occupations and Minor Improvements are in play. 2010-04 Even playing 2-player with someone that I taught I've failed to score well in almost any game. The intricacies seem to be beyond me. 2010-07 Now I've played (a lot) more I'm probably just as willing to play either version of the game. As long as the others have played the "Family" game at least once before. 2011-07 After teaching a few people to play the "full" version I'd still rather teach the "Family" game but if the new people are wanting everything I'll teach that way. 2017-7 This has now been my favourite game for about 5 years. I prefer to teach the family version so new players have the base understanding of how things work. 2017-12 I've been gifted the revised edition. My plays will likely be more often that version now.


My enthusiasm for Agricola has largely faded. Caverns has eclipsed it. But I have had a lot of fun with Agricola in the past, and it still waits on the shelf, so it may yet see more action.


king of WP


I appreciate the mechanics; I just don't think it's very fun.


Probably my favorite boardgame, and has been for a while now (since we bought it in Dec 08).


I liked Agricola without the cards. The cards just seemed to cause the game to drag on.


My absolute favorite game! I love the depth and that there's so many things that you need to do on a turn but not enough actions to complete everything. I also really enjoy the stress of needing to manage an engine to feed my family throughout the game.


Love this game, top 5 overall


Had some good games, but have moved on. We just have the original and haven't delved into the world of the expansions. Prefer Caverna.