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This is not my kind of game at all but despite the fact that I kind of hate it I have had some very good experiences with it and lots of fond memories, plus it looks fantastic for what it is.


Awfully cute game of co-opetition. Honestly this is probably the best way to do anything remotely semi-cooperative--it's short, it's vicious, and allows for lots of opportunities to be selfish at a risk.


The cover punchline says it all: quickly degenerates from happily working cooperatively into a every-man-for-himself backstabbing chaos. Fast, easy to teach, small(ish) box and footprint with a very wide (working) playercount. No two games play the same, with the right group a guaranteed blast!


1.27.18 It's not bad, it's just that I don't feel any inclination to play this one again. Players fish to improve the group's food, collect water depending on the storm card, build rafts, or draw cards from the "shipwreck" pile. If, at the end of the round, there is not enough water or food for everyone, players vote on one person to die. Players can prevent their deaths by producing a shipwreck card that helps them survive. Not for me.


Rudeness island. Components are seriously nice, and the game completely delivers on what it offers. Better than the majority of its contemporaries if only because it it trims all the boring bits out and actually delivers on semi-coop in 20 minutes.