Between Two Cities

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This game as really worked well for all groups that have played it. Even my wife and daughter like to play this. Final scoring can be a little underwhelming. It does not quite feel like you have won at the end, and there are actually jokes about being the best loser. However for ease of play, and accessibility this game has it all.


Very nice and very fast game for a larger group. Great for a collection.


A very clever idea hindered by the mathyness of it all. There are only so many choices and after a couple of moves, the choices feel irrelevant. Very samey from game to game. Improved greatly by the expansion. Included: Between Two Cities: Capitals


Between Two Cities is the poster child for games that are fine. It's fine. PROS -The explanation of how the game plays and how tiles score is easily groked. -The conversations regarding what you're going to put where add an enjoyable element of interaction. -It works well as a filler or even gateway game for learning tile-laying mechanics. CONS -The art on the tiles could have been so much better. As it is, it looks like you're putting together a city designed by Office Depot. -Although only one player ever wins, a win never feels that satisfying as it's partly due to the efforts of your neighbors.


The tension between placing tiles in each of your cities is great. The game also goes quickly and is still engaging.


7.2 / 2-7 Best 5-6 / 20m / Family 67 / 1.81


A semi-coop set drafting and tile placement game. It is a more beginner friendly draft since players have to work with each other to properly place tiles. The game greatly benefits from alternating new and experienced players.


Terrific game that plays in about the same time with any player count. Quick to teach to non-gamers as well.


This is a really neat design and a fun game. I find myself not rushing to play the game again as much as I would expect to. I suspect this is because the game feels a bit too score-focused, which takes away from the theme a bit. Would be interesting to see a similar game but where the buildings have different special abilities rather than simply different scoring mechanisms.


7 Wonders killer.


One of the games I love to play with a big group. The Capitals expansion is a must! It gives so much color to an already good game.


Birthday 2016 from Ruth et al.


Semi co-op game that forces you to manage your hand(s) and the people next to you. Reminds me a lot of Suburbia (a game that my SO and I enjoy immensely) but with up to 7. Great game for our group and I look forward to many plays. Kickstarter


Theme/Art: You build a 4x4 city out of tiles and it looks great. The different building types have different colours and everything is very clear and looks great. Production quality: The game is basically only tiles (and double tiles!), which are cardboard. The only other components are the city meeples, which all look very nice. Replayability: There are a lot of tiles and you draw them each round, so you build different cities each game. However, you follow the same basic concepts in each city due to the scoring. Depth/Difficulty: The game is very easy and takes about 5 minutes (if not less) to teach. Strategy: You have to keep an eye on your cities, because you score only the worse of your two cities (which is a phenomenal mechanic in my opinion!), so both of them have to be as good as possible. Luck: You draw tiles blind from a box of tiles, so there's a lot of luck involved. Between Two Cities takes 15-25 minutes to play, depending on the number of players and their familiarity with the game. I think it's a great filler game and people love it, because you can see your cities grow and you have to plan them with your neighbours.


(10/16) 8. Great game. Easy to teach, quick, keeps everyone involved and talking to each other. Players of every experience level seem enjoy it. (9/17) Drop to 7. Still a great game, just haven't played it in a while. That said, absolutely fun and solid.