Rheinlander board game
Hundreds of years ago the heart of Europe was divided. Powerful dukes ruled their duchies from their castles on the banks of the Rhine, and earned a rich income from their wealthy cities. Struggles for power were everyday, and frequently the intervention of the more influential bishops was necessary. Now you have the chance to expand your rule over the Rhine country. Outwit your opponents to expand. Outwit your opponents, and gain more power. Who will become the new ruler over the Rhine? This game casts players in the roles of dukes who are trying to establish duchies along the banks of the Rhine River. Players hold a hand of cards that correspond to numbered plots on each bank, and they place knights in open plots for which they hold the corresponding cards. After establishing duchies, players attempt to expand them to include more plots of land as well as buildings such as castles, cathedrals, and cities. These buildings both add to the value of a duchy and provide their owners with advantages during game play Players: 3-5 Ages: 12 and up Playing Time: 45 or more minutes


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  • What can I say? I am a sucker for Knizia middleweights. It's got tension, it's got surprises, it's got control and accessibility in spades. What's not to like?
  • 1.23.18 Players play cards to add knights to the number indicated on the card or ignore the card number and reinforce existing knights. Two or more knights equals a duchy that may be worth more points depending on the cities, castles, and churches incorporated within. Opponents with fewer knights can suffer a hostile takeover. Very quick, light game that I'd happy to play occasionally but it really needs five players for the player interaction to shine, or a bare minimum of four to be enjoyable. PROS -Components, pieces, boards, and cards are fun and colorful. -The takeovers make for a lot of fun backstabbing and tit-for-tat. -The river and some sections of the board make for some interesting possibilities in terms of takeovers.

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