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Nice biddi...

by Robertcompton

Nice bidding game which breaks the ice nicely as a filler.


Fun little...

by 1nf1n1ty

Fun little bidding game. Nice filler while you wait to play a more full game.


Own the ol...

by davidme

Own the old...want the new too, I guess.


Maybe I di...

by ThiningAboutGames

Maybe I did not get the deep strategy of it, but it seemed like 2 levels of random indirection around a dollar auction.


Simple, hi...

by elltrain

Simple, hilarious, and fun. This is a fantastic filler game.


So quick a...

by adam.skinner

So quick and approachable, it's hard to play just one! One of my fillers of choice. Everyone loves this game.


Easy to le...

by donkbrown

Easy to learn, fast play, interactive. We got a lot of laughs and cries out of it. Really liked it.


Good fille...

by Brent

Good filler. Plays super fast and can teach it to anyone.


Great, sim...

by Median54

Great, simple game with good solitaire and two-player variants available in variants section. I like this game best with 3 or 4.


Lot's of f...


Lot's of fun from a simple rules set means this is a great game in my book.


Two rounds...

by Zeugmatic Player

Two rounds of different styles auctions; managing a hand of resources while outguessing your opponents; catchy theme and fast play make this good for non-gamers


Ok filler,...

by klz

Ok filler, but feels like it's missing that something that makes a game relly good.The two halves of the game are different enough that it feels a bit schizophrenic, but it is still fun and quick enough to sty enjoyable.


This game ...

by usagi-san

This game can be explained in a short amount of time and can be played in about 15 minutes. An excellent way to spend some time laughing with others. 2007-11-08 - Bought 2017-09-16 - Bought 3rd copy starlitcitadel; it's the mini version


Too small ...

by LuisGomez

Too small to sleeve :(


Bid for ca...

by thingamarob

Bid for cards with values ranging from 1-30. Then, players simultaneously lay down the cards they've won to try and win checks ranging in value from 0-15k. A lot of fun trying to outguess others. UPDATE: I suck at psychology.


Quick and ...

by ekloff

Quick and simple, but loaded with extremely interesting decisions. The auction mechanic is very compelling, and there is a little push your luck aspect there too. The selling portion is slightly less interesting, but extremely tense. Final scoring is usually very tight. But, once players get a knack for the unusual auction style it slowly becomes more luck driven and therefore less fun.


(7/16) 7. ...

by markbesada

(7/16) 7. (10/17) 7. Just a great, simple auction game that works like a charm with gamers and non gamers alike. In that No Thanks, Incan Gold area.