Colt Express: Horses & Stagecoach Expansion

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Makes the game more fluid, which is nice--and it gives you more to do, which is pretty essential.


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1.18.18 First CE expansion played and it really added a much needed freshener to the base game play. PROS -Horses make for a fun way to move your cowboy up and down the train and, of course, to the carriage. - Hostages mitigate poor luck session by being able to score big points. - New train cards, especially the last one that allows you to share the strongbox earnings if you finish next to a player with a strongbox, makes the game seem fairer and more enjoyable. CONS - Banker hostage is overpowered and wouldn't play with him again. - Whiskey seems like a good idea but the rules are convoluted and it doesn't seem like it significantly helps in a meaningful way.