Operation Thunderclap: The Sixth Army's Last Chance


The Last Chance to Save an Army

Operation Thunderclap is a simulation of the attempted German breakout of the Sixth Army which was surrounded in Stalingrad during mid-December 1942. The Sixth Army, Hitler’s largest force, is sent to capture Stalingrad. However, Stalin had prepared an effective snare; Circle around the city and keep the Sixth Army penned inside until their supplies ran out. To make matters worse, the Sixth Army was further prevented from leaving by Hitler’s own order: Remain in Stalingrad and await rescue.

Each of the players assumes one of the sides in this fateful encounter. The German player must attempt to defeat the Russian armies and penetrate the area known as the Stalingrad Pocket. The Russian player’s task is simple; hold the pocket long enough to route the Sixth Army.

—description from the publisher


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