Marquis board game

In this card game 2-4 players try to obtain the title “Marquis“. To achieve this goal, players have to collect coins used to buy jewels. The player whose stock of jewels has the highest value wins the game.

Every player has a set of 12 cards, each card showing a character the player can impersonate. Each of the characters has a special ability which can be used (the diamond dealer, for example, can buy diamonds twice, the pickpocket steals a coin from the richest player etc.). Although all of the players try to gather as many jewels as possible, these cannot be collected easily as they have to be purchased with coins first.

The game ends as soon as one of the player cannot play any character during his turn. After this the jewels which have been collected are counted. Players score one point for each diamond and five points for each ruby they gathered.

From the English rules:
It is a time of intrigues over the marquis' domain. The Prosecutor, the extortioner and the countess covet the invaluable jewels of each other. To buy jewels at the best price, players will have to continuously impersonate new characters. Choose wisely between the 11 roles available and fortune will change hands relentlessly. But do not forget that money is only a mean to achieve your goal. At the end, the title of “Marquis“ will go the one with the fullest jewel case. So be cautious!

Forget “Noblesse oblige“, now play catch as catch can. Losers will want to turn the tables!!


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