Flash Point: Fire Rescue

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I didn't think this one was all that much fun. I'd much rather play one of a few other coops that are out there. I mean, I guess I would play this again if everyone else wanted to play. And the theme is great, but the fire spread rules were fiddly, and the game is really really tactical, so not much you can do toward winning, only react to situations as best you can and hope luck is with you.While that may be thematic, I'm not too sure that makes for a good game.


1-6 players, 45 minutes, light medium, cooporative, action pointOne of the latest additions and a very nice one. Thematic cooperative game where you have to rescue as many people as you can before the house collapses. Has a family version and also an advanced version, have yet to discover the advanced version, but the family game is challenging enough for now Update: having played more games including the advanced game I must say that I like the game mechanics and theme quite a bit. A certain keeper in the collection.


This game seems to have allot of fiddling around with dice and itzy bitzy rules for a game that's meant to be not too heavy..Also the art works is very bland. It looks like some amateur sat down for a few hours on Coral Draw..


A more visceral and exciting co-op than Pandemic, my kids love this one.


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Very ugly board and very simple gameplay.


Stress, is dragging to people out of a burning building as it collapses around you.


This game has grown on me and I really enjoy it. The randomness of the fire spreading is fine with me as it makes the fire feel dangerous and unpredictable.


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Printing from October 2013. No product code as listed on the March 2015 picture.


Similar, but markedly inferior, to Pandemic. In Pandemic, the epidemics ratchet tension and force you to plan ahead--there is no comparable element in Flash Point, meaning less good stuff all around and a significant added dose of randomness. Pretty good theme and theme integration, though. I will give it that.


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Quick setup and reset, a different experience each time, and many different ways to play (family, advanced, solitaire, to six) make this title a huge win here. I would ALMOST call this a filler, but it's more than that. The visceral feeling of being in a burning building with the requisite urgency is fascinating.


A co-op game that I think I'll play reasonably often if asked. Fight fires, rescue people (and pets), try to prevent a house burning down. I haven't yet played any of the more involved versions, those could up the rating for me.


Theme does not appeal to me. Play time seemed long for the depth of the game.


I played a two player game with the only the basic rules. We beat it but it was pretty close. The game is more simplistic and more luck based than other coops I've played like Pandemic. It was an OK experience. I look forward to playing again with the advances rules.


Great co-op, from someone who is not a fan of co-ops. The theme makes this game, no doubt. Very clever and thematic mechanics.


Started off good. Got kind of meh. Now it's climbing back up now that we play with all the roles and extra stuff. I now plan on buying a few expansions. The art in this game is just top notch. Very well done, without being too scary, so it remains a family game. It still has a few problems like being a bit too fiddly (ok, a LOT too fiddly), but that can probably be remedied by getting a good plano box to store all the little separate bits in. Overall, I'd recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in the theme, or couples who enjoy playing co-ops together.


Custom painted base game minis, Veteran and Rescue Dog.


We played missing a bunch of rules. Made the game super easy. By the time we realized we missed all the rules it had been traded.


FULLY SLEEVED 14 x Swan PanAsia Dixit: Standard (SWN-045, 170/pack) - (80 x 122mm) 6 x KMC Perfect Size (100/pack) - (64 x 89mm)


A nice light co-op


This is a really fun coop game. It can be played in less than an hour. I often keep this at work for lunch room play.


http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/flash-point-fire-rescue-2011/ http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/flash-point-fire-rescue-2011-accessibility-teardown/


Used to enjoy quite a lot, but have grown increasingly disinterested.


A light weight co-op. The game is easy to learn so gamers and non-gamers pick it up really easily. It is best with playing characters.


1-6 players (best 4) 60 minutes


Very fun co-op. Wife enjoyed the game. Looking forward to playing with the non-family rules.


Great game for introducing people to co-op games


Felt like the game was a bit too random and I didn't get engaged with the theme, both of which were probably due to the fire appearing randomly on the board. Played this after playing a PnP firefighting game (Into the Fire) that we found more fun.


Tentative rating based on one play. That one play was a bit of a snooze-fest for me though. But my kids seemed to enjoy it. (Although they haven't asked to play it since then.)


This game gets compared to Pandemic a lot, so I'll start with that. It's a cooperative game, where each player's turn consists of taking a few basic actions, followed by a progression of bad stuff where you randomly select a location and increment the bad stuff there, or, if the bad stuff is already maximized there, spread the bad stuff to the surrounding locations. The team consists of specialists, most of which have an advantage when doing one of the basic things, and your actions help you towards "winning the game" or "not losing the game, giving you more time to win the game". Usually, even when you think you're winning, a few "progression of bad stuff" turns in a row will go horribly wrong, and you'll lose the game every damn time, in an always tense and sometimes frustrating way, the latter case being followed by swearing and muttering about bad luck. So yes, it's just a little bit like Pandemic. If you're looking to buy Flash Point, how you feel about Pandemic is probably a damn good indicator of how you'll feel about Flash Point (I think I slightly prefer Flash Point, but it's close). The main points of difference: 1) More players. Pandemic is designed for 2-4, and you can do 5 if you really want. Flash Point says 1-6 on the box (although 1 or 2 sounds downright miserable without multiple characters per player), and you could probably go all the way to 8 (the number of different characters available). As I frequently game with 5-6, this is a positive for me. 2) More setup. I was always a bit annoyed by the need to separate out the deck and shuffle 4-6 smaller decks in Pandemic. However, Flash Point, not having cards, requires that you first start off by randomly rolling for initial fire placement (3 explosions start the game, each of which has slightly different rules for placement) and the appropriate damage and fire tokens, followed by hazmat placement, hot spot placement, and initial victim placement. On the medium difficulty setting, you'll throw the dice 16 times before you even start the game. 3) More differences between characters. Because Flash Point allows you to switch between characters mid-game, it's more appropriate for the characters to have more specialized abilities than in Pandemic. The specialization, combined with the ability to store actions also creates new opportunities for coordination (e.g., the Paramedic delays her turn so the CAFS guy can clear a path to the victim for her). However, some characters are so specialized that nobody else should bother doing their action, and/or they should do nothing but that action (I'm looking at you, Driver), which somewhat limits the reasonable tactical decisions. 4) A clear path to victory. In Pandemic, since I don't know who is going to draw what color cards, and it's a pain in the ass to pass cards anyways, I frequently can't make any progress towards winning the game on my turn. In Flash Point, there are 3 victims in play. To help win the game, get to them or help somebody else get to them. It's that straightforward.


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Fun in the family version, need to try the regular game, but I think it will only get better.


The theme is great and fits well, but the co-op nature of this and the gameplay just didn't interest me.


Be a fireman! Put out fires! Save lives! Get Exploded!