Dominion: Intrigue (Second Edition)

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Part of Dominion big box Per Big box 2-6 player 2-4 player - rank 9 5-6 player - rank 7 too much downtime. I love Dominion and there are great cards in this expansion. I think this one is a touch harder for new players to grasp as many cards offer options (either/or), which can be tough to teach beginners, its great for pros though, as it is versatile: do this OR do this


EXPANSION. Included in Dominion (2008)


I like it. But, I actually prefer base game dominion. If I want something a little more complicated I have other games I can play.


I've played this maybe 3 times. Cards in excellent condition.


This is just as much a psych experiment as a game. Still, good play is rewarded, I can confirm that the "break every deal you make" strategy doesn't seem to work too well. Fun and nasty!


FULLY SLEEVED 500 x Swan PanAsia Standard Euro: Standard (SWN-025, 160/pack) - (60 x 92mm)


Great addition (like probably every expansion) to the base game. There are some nice cards to annoy your opponents. As always there are some good (Torturer nearly too powerfull) and some not so good cards which is perfect if you play with a random set of cards. All in all probably an essential expansion.


DO NOT PLAY THIS WITH CHILDREN, SENSITIVE PEOPLE, OR PEOPLE WHO HOLD POWER OVER YOUR LIVELIHOOD. The first time I read the rules, I laughed long and hard when I realized the implications of it's backstabbing nature! Deserves it's reputation for bringing out ruthlessness in players. Makes "I'm The Boss" look like Candyland!


The version that introduced me to deck-building games and still one of my favorites. The other expansions add variety, but don't make it better.


I really love the new dynamics of the cards and how they fit in with classic Dominion!


2-4 (2-6 mit Basis), 30m


Intrigue is a game of pure negotiation and bribery. Each turn you get income, the points of the game as well as its only currency. Your income is based on the jobs you convince the other players to give your family members. And after five rounds of seeking jobs and hiring the other players' relatives, you see who has made the most money. Unbelievably simple, completely non-random, and entirely based on your ability to discuss outcomes and trade favors. I am the only person I know who loves it.


Pretty good game, but is relatively boring thematically and strategy wise. Good game, but not my favorite. Math trade: RftG, Space Alert, through the ages


Bought: 2009-09-28 2013-08-28 - Sold (selling Dominion collection)