Epic Card Game

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Ok, would go to another TCG that I know first as all the rules are so different from them (I'm yugioh mostly) that I constantly had to check the rule book, seems to work alright though but just a bit too disjointed for me at times


I fell for the hype with the KS...just a poor game which will never hit the table again. Stick to Star Realms. Every time I look at this game I want to lower the score, difficult to even trade this one or sell it for $2.


One of my top ten gaming disappointments. What a pile of garbage.


Early plays are fun, fast, and (indeed) epic. That said, I'm not sure how much room there is for clever play in the standard format--your hands may play you. Draw irregularities that screw you over are different from those in Magic, but they are (possibly?) still there. Looking forward to exploring more. [EDIT] Must try a draft mode. Must.


Traded away after only a few plays. The whole, "every card is overpowered!" schtick didn't work. Really disappointed.


by Jsil

Condition: Excellent. All cards are sleeved. I no longer have the box since the sleeved cards would not fit. Edition: English 1st Edition 2015, Kickstarter version comes with bosses for solo play, demi-gods, and token cards. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/185249/epic-card-game-kickstarter-expansion Shipping: Anywhere in US


Incredibly random game that mostly comes down to what you topdeck. Huge disappointment.


Own 3 sets of Kickstarter decks (with promos and Tyrants expansions). The rules set of the game is interesting, but a bit hard to learn. It is a bit of a hard sell to my friends to learn the game. I hope that organized play materializes because I really would want to play. Most of my plays have been at World Championship qualification tournaments at my FLGS.


This game is a stripped down clone of Magic The Gathering. That's no surprise when you consider that the designer is a MtG Hall of Famer. Basically this game strips all of the complexity out of Magic and leaves in all the crazy awesome game play elements. This game isn't going to replace Magic for me, but I will play it when I just want to have fun and do stuff that would be absurdly broken in Magic.


A P&P of the game that comes with about 1/2 of the cards the base game comes with. Gifted to me by /u/topheth. Gives the basic feel of Magic without the collectible aspect of the game.


A stripped down, but still slightly convoluted version of Magic? I don't know, it just didn't sit well with me, nor was I that interested in ever playing it again.