Aeon's End

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Weight: 2.80 / 5


Top Co-op, deck builder, maybe too easy but haven't tried "hard mode" yet. Really love the variety


Top Co-op, deck builder, maybe too easy but haven't tried "hard mode" yet. Really love the variety


by paka

Very cool game and take on the deckbuilding. Has somekinda similar threads to Sentinels of the Multiverse, as everyone is versus one big bad guy... play has similar feel a bit. Why not higher rating? Strange to say, but for some reason it doesn't feel like a full polished product. Compared to current standards for deckbuilders or boardgames in general something feels off and I can't put my finger exactly what. Will update after a few more plays and it might get up a bit more, as I really like the mechanisms and the gameplay.


Two games in and man...I'm having a blast. You know what my favorite thing about this crazy game is? Not shuffling your deck. I'm lazy so that appeals to me anyway, but it changes the entire dynamic of building a deck. Such a simple change but one that really makes a difference!


Best deck-building co-op. No shuffling means it's fun to play solo as well. Lots of characters and bosses to mix and match.


Cooperative deckbuilders are fun, especially when you're attacking something/someone, as well as defending yourself and a common ground. I fell in love with this game at Geekway to the West 2018, and could NOT stop thinking about it after I'd played it. It's quick, strategic, and unpredictable all at the same time. The act of choosing which actions to take, and in what order, really sets the pace for future turns since you don't shuffle your cards when reloading your draw deck. It's a challenge every single time, and even though there are plenty of expansions for it, it'll be a while before I feel the need to get any of them. Such a great game.


I'm not understanding the buzz on this one. It's not as clean as the incredibly clean deckbuilders (the Realms), nor is it as satisfying as the slightly more elaborate ones (XenoShyft and Shadowrift). The balance seems all over the map, as well, with little consideration of player scaling or different boss effects. I mean, if you absolutely and completely loathe shuffling, sure...


[b][size=12][BGCOLOR=#C0C0C0]Sleeved[/BGCOLOR][/size][/b] includes Broken Token Insert


No enough play to justified higher rating.. it's tough to win but yet to get the reward feelings of winning. Need to try again..


The best co-op deckbuilder, by far. The reprint fixes my biggest issue with the game, namely the art.


With: [thing=212139][/thing] (first edition) [thing=196421][/thing] (first edition)


by afjb

Very well designed deck builder. The no shuffling aspect certainly brings a unique strategy to the game. Artwork is excellent.


First, the components are abysmal. The gameplay itself is not bad, although the characters feel a bit generic. The flipping over your deck thing is okay, but I found it to be a bit of a gimmick rather then something I could truly exploit. I wouldn't play with more then 3 players, as it could be a long time between your turns. Two players is probably best.


Incl. Aeon's End: War Eternal (KS), Aeon's End: Legacy (KS) W/ Exp: (All KS) The Depths, The Void, The Nameless, The Outer Dark, Buried Secrets W/ Accessories: (All KS) Playmat, Accessory Pack Bought this based on the buzz and it's one of the few games that I wanted to play as soon as we (inevitably) lost the first time. There are a lot of interesting ideas, such as the whole not-shuffling item and holding onto cards to build combos. I can see this being our go-to coop game.


Fun game with quick rounds. It really only took my wife and I a few rounds to get the hang of the pace and routines each person turn brings. Set up takes a little longer than expected, averaging around 10-20 minutes to design how you'd like the market to be and place all appropriate decks/boards. My wife and I have played through it 3 times now, losing 1 time and winning 2 times. We still have 2 more Nemesis to face. For the $35 (although we got it for XMas), I would definitely recommend. I am concerned however that the limited number of action cards (gems, spells, relics), I think 20ish in total will be the biggest limiter on the game. I desire variety with each replay of any game, and I feel like Aeon's End will become repetitive to me (best guess) around my 10th playthrough. Something I'm not looking forward to.


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