Aeon's End

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by afjb

Very well designed deck builder. The no shuffling aspect certainly brings a unique strategy to the game. Artwork is excellent.


First, the components are abysmal. The gameplay itself is not bad, although the characters feel a bit generic. The flipping over your deck thing is okay, but I found it to be a bit of a gimmick rather then something I could truly exploit. I wouldn't play with more then 3 players, as it could be a long time between your turns. Two players is probably best.


Incl. Aeon's End: War Eternal (KS), Aeon's End: Legacy (KS) W/ Exp: (All KS) The Depths, The Void, The Nameless, The Outer Dark, Buried Secrets W/ Accessories: (All KS) Playmat, Accessory Pack Bought this based on the buzz and it's one of the few games that I wanted to play as soon as we (inevitably) lost the first time. There are a lot of interesting ideas, such as the whole not-shuffling item and holding onto cards to build combos. I can see this being our go-to coop game.


Fun game with quick rounds. It really only took my wife and I a few rounds to get the hang of the pace and routines each person turn brings. Set up takes a little longer than expected, averaging around 10-20 minutes to design how you'd like the market to be and place all appropriate decks/boards. My wife and I have played through it 3 times now, losing 1 time and winning 2 times. We still have 2 more Nemesis to face. For the $35 (although we got it for XMas), I would definitely recommend. I am concerned however that the limited number of action cards (gems, spells, relics), I think 20ish in total will be the biggest limiter on the game. I desire variety with each replay of any game, and I feel like Aeon's End will become repetitive to me (best guess) around my 10th playthrough. Something I'm not looking forward to.


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