A Few Acres of Snow

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I thought that I would finally find a Martin Wallace game to enjoy. I was wrong. The game requires several plays to understand 'good' gameplay and those learning games are simply slow an painful. Not for me.


Played a couple of times, but not scratched the surface yet. The whole card drafting mechanic wrapped around a war game is an interesting idea. Initial rating of 7.


Initial rating. Enjoyed learning rules and playing half a game. I get why it's so beloved. Very fun to run a lean deck and create powerful combinations


I can't relate to the mentality of someone who doesn't play a game to win. I like to study games, learn their nuances, unlock the secrets of their underlying systems. The fact that you don't want to learn about the Halifax Hammer doesn't mean it ceases to exist. It just means you don't care about learning how to play the game well. The people who deny the Hammer's existence are the climate change deniers of the boardgaming world. The late Tim Seitz ended this conversation in 2012. Yes, it's real. Fortunately, Hands in the Sea has fixed the inherent problem here, and has delivered on what AFAoS promised. So, play that instead.