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Pretty good for an abstract. Nice that it scales well from 2-4, since most abstracts play only two. Casual gamers enjoy this one, in my experience.


Great game. Partnership 4 player game is best, but it works well in all its forms.


Played a few games which were a lot of fun. I like Knizia's way of scoring, where your weakest colour determines the victory, as is the case with Tigris & Euphrate. Not his best game, but a decent abstract filler.Traded it away to make room for other/better games.


Is a good game, not my favorite, but my family loves it. Dr RK is definetly ingenious.


I'm not partial to abstracts, but this one is pretty good. A little too dependent on luck of the tile draw, though.


The nice higher quality edition with plastic pieces. Creased rulesheet, a couple of dinged corners on two score boards. Came that way when the box was opened.


Dr. Knizia really is a master... As someone I know said "He is the grandfather I never had". Again, as with most of my abstract games, my wife humiliates me relentlessly.


2008: So far I've only played this online against AIs (and once at BSW) so I can't say how much I'd enjoy it against real live people. Definitely my sort of game though, there's enough luck to even things out a little and strategy enough to require thought. 2012: After a game in which I taught the other three most of how to play (one had been reading rules) I do enjoy this and will gladly play a game or two when it gets taken along to game events I'm at.


Fun abstract - scales well with different numbers of players - fun double hex pieces. Quick set-up and tear-down.


January 2018 $19.99


I am not usually a big fan of this type of game, prefering games with many choices and different actions to choice from. This is like dominos or chess which I hate....but for some reason I cant stop playing this darn game. I think I am hypnotized by the colorful shapes or something. I have a copy that I play on my laptop ALL THE DAMN TIME! Well I broke out the actual game board and played with real life people and like it that way too. Overall Score 8, Appearence 7, Components 7, The Box (storage) 7, Rulebook 7, Ease of Play 8, Mechanics 8, Involvment 7, Replayability 9, Uniqueness 7, Luck 6 v Strategy 4 (The higher the number the more it leans that way.)


Best-with-2. Extremely clever abstract. Well scaled from 2-4 players. Brilliant scoring mechanism. One of our all time favorites.


Very good for a family oriented abstract strategy game. My wife & I both enjoy this game.


Found at thrift store for $2.50. There were other games there that I should have bought but i wasn't into boardgames as much back then and not aware of good games.


A very good abstract game. Easy to learn.



While I don't get crushed at this game, I think I don't really understand the strategy involved. Is there more to this game than I'm seeing? Is it simply a game of "choose the optimal placement"?


1 play, 3 players. It was fun and I liked the scoring track. After having played it and wanting it, it has gone down on my list. It is a fun enough game I think but I still prefer to play Through the Desert.


Abstract tile-laying/point-acquiring with a score mechanic that keeps it interesting.


I'm not a huge abstract fan, and Ingenious doesn't manage to break that mold. It is very simple on its face, but has a layer of deeper strategy that is fun to explore for a while. However, there isn't enough to warrant any long-term investment. I do love that Knizia scoring though.


Just don't play 4-player singles (too much downtime), and this is a great game. Very accessible for novices after a training game or two where they learn how to conduct offense and defense.


Sort of like a color matching scrabble esk game. your goal is to get your colors up as high as possible since the lowest color will be your score. a lot of fun.