Fuji Koro


Japan, 1707: Mount Fuji is on the verge of erupting. Red hot lava will consume the secret Taiseki-Ji temple and Sanctuary of the Essential Teachings hidden in its bowels. The Shogun is nervous and has sent his most noble and gifted samurai warriors on a quest to salvage the last remaining and precious heritage.

After a gruelling climb through snowstorms and treacherous rocky terrain, the samurai find the entrance to the temple. Carefully they enter the dark passage into the mountain. The volcano rumbles and the walls start shaking! The floor underneath their feet crumbles and our brave samurais fall into what seems to be the remains of the temple, slowly sinking into the smoldering lava.

Now it is up to our heroes to explore the temple and find as many of the relics, scrolls and monks to bring back safely to the Shogun before the volcano erupts and all is lost forever. Explore the temple and build your character to deal with whatever or whoever stands in your way. When a certain amount of players cross the points threshold the lava starts to rise. Luckily your sherpa appears with a rope above the centre tile. The players will need to get back and climb out before the volcano erupts. But beware, the Sherpa can only pull up one player to safety every round. Who will get to the Shogun first and who has the most to show for himself when he gets there?

At the end of Fuji Koro, when everyone is either out safely or dead, the player with the most victory points (VPs) wins.

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