Giveaway from the "Spiel 2011 in Essen (Germany)".

Contains the follwing gaming material:

1 "Divine Favor" tile for "Hecate"
2 Hecate columns
6 cloth bags for the 5 player colors and one for hades (expansion)

Note: You need the "Cyclades: Hades" expansion in order to use Hecate.

Divine favors for Hecate:
- Receive for Free: A Priestess card.
- Only once per turn: For 2 GP, place columns on two different islands, regardless of who owns them. These two islands are now connected by an underground passage. This passage can be used to move troops from one of these islands to the other without fleets to carry them. If Hecate comes back into play, you may move either or both columns for 2 GP. Otherwise, these columns stay in place.

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Cyclades: Hecate

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