Caylus Board Game

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by 3MBG

Another game I just didn't get the buzz of. Pretty uninspiring game for me, although the one game I played suffered from a run away leader.


I really like all the possibilities. A touch too long if not played reguarly, since it requires a fairly thorough refresher. I keep thinking about how to play differently next time and that's definitely a good sign. So many possible strategy paths and so many tactical decisions. Fantastic!


The granddaddy of worker placement games. Also plays 5 well (if no one has AP). Also a good deal of variety and who doesn't love moving that provost to screw with people?


Just a little too dry for my tastes. Also the somewhat steep learning curve means that an unbalanced table (in terms of varying experience levels with the game) makes the game less rewarding for everyone concerned. I expect that it would be more exciting with a table full of very experienced players.


Pretty fun even if there have been plenty of better worker placement games since this.  Overall just a little too long, and dry for my tastes.


A little on the long side, but fun to play.


2-5, 120m


Corrupt contractors in France, 1289. Place and pay your workers to build the castle, but use extra materials to make a fortune on the side. One of the original worker placement games, still one of the best.


by klz

Deep game deserving of the hype, but the possibility that the game can be dragged out for an extra hour or two can be annoying.


Caylus is an old title, but it has certainly held its own. Despite having helped birth worker placement, Caylus' implementation of the mechanic is still incredibly unique, and unlike anything else on the market. The Bailiff & Provost add a healthy dose of meta-game into this solid Euro, forcing players to constantly jostle for position and plan carefully. The game also manages to shift priorities between the early- and late-game, which encourages players to experiment with and pivot to different strategies in a single session. The complete lack of randomness makes this a must play for the luck averse.


I've played mostly on IOS, but have broken out the cardboard edition as well. My wife hated it, but I really enjoy it.