Magic Realm

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Not terribly as exiting as I hoped. Too much downtime between turns (especially during combat), and the dice rolling was excessive. Roll to hide, roll to fight, roll to search for treasure, roll to gain followers, roll to... I was a white knight with a great sword and armor, and I died fighting bats!We didn't play where you had to plan your move in advance, but I can't see that making the game better, only harder.We didn't even do much in the way of Magic, but just the combat system itself seemed way more complicated than it should be. I'm not really interested in playing this one again, although I do respect the game and I understand the value it has for others. I'd be willing to try this again but only solo, and I can even expect it would be fun.Update: Years later and now I'm VERY interested in learning this game and exploring it in depth. I am confident my first play was spoiled by too many new players (me included!). As with most games I enjoy, the first play is far from ideal, and this game seems to reward extensive study and exploration. And it doesn't have any stupid minis!Update 2018: Nope. Just too convoluted, long and random for my taste. Characters are not balanced--some are even clearly weak in solo games. The dice rolling mechanic is off-putting.


All the rumours are true. The rules system is a lot to grapple with; though to be frank no individual thing is very hard to grasp--and working things through with the components makes some things (deployment, chit setup, etc) vastly easier. The game has narrative, though. I don't know how or why it accomplishes it, to be honest, but games like Magic Realm are the games that FFG should produce but can't seem to be able to. A game of Magic Realm is a story, despite the absence of flavour text and the antiquated graphic design. For that alone, Magic Realm stands as a monument to brilliant game design.


Hands down the best roleplaying board game of 1979. Or any other year since then.


I found this virtually unplayable.