War Chest

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I like a lot of it--the beautiful production, the unit variety, the brisk playing time--but I'm not certain I grok the bag-building yet, and the game seems to come down to very high-risk gambles that you can't really mitigate (will I draw another unit chip of this type next hand or not?). I think I'd be happier if the hand size were larger, or if there were some way to hold onto chips from round to round, or if there were a little more latitude in activating units...? The grindingly attritional nature of most endgames is also unpleasant.


2/26/19: Being able to draft your own "army" and trying to take down your opponent(s) with each move being critical is what makes this game so great. Having the option to play a reserved turn or push your luck kind of style is such an awesome feature that can let anyone appreciate this game. I have played this as a 2P game more than 4, but it shines with either player count.


Onitama mixed with a bag builder and 4 pounds of poker chips? Pretty much, and I dig it. Very tactical. Does the abstract war thing of not always being able to command your troops. Very enjoyable.


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