The Noticeboard


In this game, you take control of a party of four adventurers travelling from town to town completing quests and helping those in need, whatever your motivations or alignment.

In head to head, you compete with rival adventuring parties to become the most renowned adventurers in the land. Utilising the skills of your individual companions you must choose who to send off on quests to reap the most rewards; whether it is coin, experience points or renown. And in some cases, it may be better to send your party off in smaller groups or all together, depending on the scale of the quest you choose to undertake.

During the game, you can level up your party to complete more demanding quests and gain bonuses that will give you an edge over your competition. Alternatively, you can choose to focus your efforts on gaining the most coin, thereby allowing you to purchase useful items that can hinder your rivals or bolster your own abilities. Or you could simply choose to chase fame and attention, ignoring the benefits of alternative paths, but at what cost?


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